By Mandi Bierly
November 18, 2011 at 03:55 PM EST

If the plot of In Time was tricky to summarize, that of Amanda Seyfried’s upcoming Summit thriller Gone won’t be. She stars as Jill, a woman who believes her sister Molly has been kidnapped by the same serial killer she escaped from a year ago. But police, having never found evidence to support Jill’s claims of abduction, do not. Now Jill has 12 hours to save her sister and evade cops who consider Miss Blue and Blonde armed and dangerous. Watch the trailer below.

My thoughts: It does a good job of keeping us guessing: It looks like she’s telling the truth, so she isn’t? But would the film be satisfying if she’s lying? Regardless of how good it turns out to be, it’s nice to see a woman Seyfried’s age headlining a thriller that doesn’t involve a slasher. Look, there’s Wes Bentley! Your turn.

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