The actress made her bawdy social-media debut last month. Twitter still doesn't know what hit it.

By Tim Stack
Updated November 18, 2011 at 05:00 AM EST

The first person Ellen Barkin decided to follow on Twitter was Samuel L. Jackson. A social-media novice, she needed some pointers on Twitter decorum. ”I knew that I was going to curse,” says Barkin. ”I had heard that he had a colorful Twitter feed, so I said I’d follow him to get some tips as to where to draw the line. And what I noticed is there is no f—ing line!”

Anyone who reads Barkin’s profane, blunt, and hilarious Twitter feed (@EllenBarkin) knows that there’s definitely no filter on the 57-year-old actress and mother of two young adults. She set up an account in mid-October and already has over 36,000 followers thanks to her opinionated, profanity-laden rants. ”I’m so shocked,” Barkin tells EW of her feed’s popularity. The star, who won a Tony last June for her blistering portrayal of the polio-stricken doctor in the recent Broadway revival of The Normal Heart, also uses the platform to correspond with famous pals like Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore. ”Well, Julie never tweeted,” says Barkin. ”She had a Twitter account, but she was the worst tweeter in the world, and now she’s much more active. That’s because of me — I’ll take credit for that!” She had less success reconnecting with Jonah Hill when she asked if he remembered her hitting on him. ”He didn’t answer me. Did you notice that?” says Barkin. ”Like, what’s up with his ass — his new skinny ass?”

Barkin, who tweets in the bathtub and in bed and occasionally posts loopy self-portraits, is also very effusive when it comes to her pajamas or, as she calls them, her ”Pmuthaf—inJs.” She was actually cursing so much that her PR team reached out to her to limit the profanities. Naturally, she responded via tweet: ”Wow, heavy duty response. I love my muthaf—in PR peeps, but you know what? They can go f— their muthaf—in PR selves. I’m flyin’ now.”

Her aggressive Twitter persona is miles away from her latest onscreen role as an emotionally damaged mother in the dramedy Another Happy Day, which hits theaters this week; it’s a performance she’s incredibly proud of. The film is directed by Sam Levinson, son of director Barry, who gave Barkin her big break three decades ago in Diner. ”I had a lot of great roles, but nothing ever hit me so closely, deeply, and personally,” says Barkin of the 1982 classic. ”Then, 30 years later, his son gave me this script where I had such an intense connection.” While reports have linked Barkin — who divorced billionaire Ronald Perelman in 2006 — and Sam Levinson romantically, she is, for once, less explicit: ”I don’t know, I’d say I’m single. I’m a freewheelin’ 57-year-old.” As if we had any doubts.

A Twitter Sampling

@_juliannemoore I gotta keep up with u Mommy! U r too funny. Xxx
‘And now back 2 our previously sched show.. Im in my Pmuthaf—inJs, pourin a drink&eatin fried chicken..literally Lets get this party started”
”Lovin my dressing room @thetalk_cbs … Hope these polka dot pillows aren’t too big to fit in my purse.”
”Wow. Me and my big mouth. I guess I’ll try to find my filter now… Just kidding, muthaf—ahs. Suck it. If you don’t like it don’t read it.”
@KellyRipa Yo Jersey, bitch…I’m here wit yo man…where ya’at?