Watching an Internet meme become an actual old-media product is always cause for bittersweet joy. On one hand, you feel proud: They’ve successfully monetized! But you also feel a little bit nervous that they might lose what made them special and become S#*! My Dad Says. So it goes with the Annoying Orange, the talking fruit that has starred in an array of ever-more-absurd videos. The series was a success on the internet — the original YouTube video is closing in on 89 million views — and now it’s graduating to the relatively major leagues of basic cable. According to a New York Times report, Cartoon Network has a deal in place to bring Annoying Orange and his perpetually-annoyed friends to television.

The series will be half an hour, which brings up the terrifying/wonderful possibility of 30-minute-long conversations involving bad fruit puns. But apparently, the series will actually have a rough plot: According to the Times, Orange and his friends will be going on adventures in a magical fruit cart, getting into scrapes from which they will have to “squeeze their way out.” (So it’s exactly like that old Christian video series about time-traveling archeologists, except that in this universe, there is no god.) Cartoon Network seems like a good fit: Shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show have established a nice mix of Adult Swim-ish absurdism with safe-for-children content. Which means that your child might very soon be making lots of horrible fruit puns. But at least they’ll be talking about fruit. Watch the first Annoying Orange video below:

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