By Mandi Bierly
November 17, 2011 at 10:59 PM EST
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Today, Nov. 17, is the second annual Jimmy Kimmel-sanctioned National UnFriend Day, where he gives you permission to UnFriend people on Facebook who you’re not actually friends with in real life — without any guilt.

Do you still feel Friend-related anxiety? I used to feel bad for not accepting requests from people I’ve never had contact with but who are Friends with my Friends. Then, you experience real-life drama, and that puts that kind of thing into perspective. Also, you talk to your Friends and realize they only accepted that request because they assumed their Friends who’d already Friended that person actually knew him or her (and, of course, they didn’t).

I suppose the biggest Friend issue I have at the moment is whether to accept the request of the guy who bullied me so badly in elementary school that our parents had to be called in and my non-confrontational father told my sister, who’s three years older than me, to threaten him. (Now that I’m looking back, I’m wondering if the bullying started after I played lawyer for my best friend at recess in front of a jury of our peers the day she decided she didn’t want to “go” with him anymore. I think I won her 50 percent of his pencils.) Anyway, once we got to 7th grade, he and I never had classes together, he had a tough time, too, and we were civil. So why, now that I’m 36, is it so hard for to confirm we’re “Friends” on Facebook when I’m “Friends” with a lot of other high school classmates that I was never actually friends with then or now?

Your turn to overshare!

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