It’s not often that you see a green preview screen plastered with an “NC-17” rating. Surprisingly, it’s a jarring image, and a strange one — a film rated “NC-17” for “Some explicit sexual content”? (“Some” doesn’t seem worth the warning!) Yet, it seems Shame director Steve McQueen clearly isn’t trying to distract viewers from the film’s rating. In fact, one of the reviews that pops up during the spot, from The Guardian, calls the sex addiction-centric film “the best kind of adult movie.”

But the real surprise comes from the end of the trailer, which shows star Michael Fassbender bedding more than a few ladies. That haunting, beautiful cover of “New York, New York” playing in the background? It’s sung by non other than star Carey Mulligan. Watch the trailer after the jump, and have no shame in your desire to buy your movie ticket now.

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