By Aly Semigran
Updated November 16, 2011 at 08:03 PM EST
Comedy Central

These are trying times, PopWatchers. The economy is still in disarray, there’s no pro basketball, and Courtney Stodden exists, technically, as a real human person. Thankfully, South Park is still around to skewer the hell out of the increasingly maddening world around us with their effortlessly blended brand of genius and juvenile humor. (This season alone, the animated series has parodied the Occupy Wall Street movement, challenged the hysteria surrounding the Royal Wedding, and taken aim at U.S. border patrol.)

The news was announced today that South Park has been renewed for an additional three seasons, ensuring that they’ll run all the way until 2016 to their 20th season. With the concerns of whether or not Matt Parker and Trey Stone would return as far back in our minds as Towelie, fans can only ponder, what now? What can we look forward to in the South Park arsenal in the coming years?

Depending on whether or not we all make it past 2012 (which should provide some great South Park fodder in and of itself), imagine the possibilities of the residents of South Park dealing with computers/robots taking over mankind, or Cartman rallying for Herman Cain (he would like his pizza platform, after all), or poor Kyle coming in contact with the Human CentiPad again around the release of the inevitable third Human Centipede movie. While this season has been arguably weaker than years past, it’s still an irreverent satire that makes us laugh, wince, and most importantly, think. As far as I’m concerned, with more South Park, the future just got about as bright as Butters’ sunny disposition.

How do you feel about the South Park renewal, PopWatchers? Has the show run its course with you or would you be happy if it went on until the end of time? What future stories do you hope they make fun of? Respect my authoriteh and post in the comments section below.

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