By Shaunna Murphy
Updated November 16, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST
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The curiously addicting headache that is The X Factor has taken some heat for its lack of originality, and for good reason. But there’s one thing X has that that other overproduced Fox reality singing competition lacks — detailed instructions on how to use Twitter on its very own website. Or, since this is a show with a relatively high concentration of British people, how to use Twittah on its very own website. Fans can tweet their votes via a direct message to @TheXFactorUSA, and even follow the dastardly deeds of Lakoda Rayne if they’re so inclined. So simple! So very “now.” Simon Cowell, you bloody genius.

And yet, surprisingly, until today, Cowell had never signed on to to find out how to use the extremely popular social networking site. Whaaaat? Did he miss host Steve Jones’ 87 reminders? Was he too busy playing the role of creepy uncle to Drew Ryniewicz? Actually, he’s probably been busy tending watching people tend to his meticulously manicured lawn in the French countryside, or mercilessly sending home the best singer on the show for the sake of good television.

Well, have no fear, Factorphiles — @SimonCowell has finally arrived, and he has this to say:

Saucy! My favorite part of Cowell’s Twittah page right now is his inspirational biography: #iamsimon. But I’m sure that there will be truly great things to come. His X Factor cohorts have been tweeting for months, and since a bit part of this show has been its probably fake judge-banter, I’d put my money on some Cowell v. LA Reid Twittah battles in the near future. Like, perhaps:

@SimonCowell: @LA_REID Did you pick that song for Chris Rene? That was ab-s0-lutely ridiculous! Chris, your mentor failed you. #votedrew #iamsimon

@LA_REID: @SimonCowell I’m actually good at this outside of this insane show. #whatever #iamLA

What do you think, PopWatchers? Will you follow Cowell’s Twitter? What sort of things do you think he’ll Tweet about? Will they be spell-checked? Be sure to watch X Factor tonight and every night from now until the end of eternity, and visit if you haven’t figured out how to use Twittah!

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