Gervais At Golden Globes
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Whether you love Ricky Gervais, or loathe the man behind The Office, Extras, and last year’s offensive Golden Globes ceremony, one thing’s for certain: You’re going to tune into the Golden Globes this year. Why wouldn’t you? Gervais made a splash hosting last year, cutting into the likes of Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and the HFPA itself. But, clearly, members of the latter was not as offended as they seemed to be during and following last year’s ceremony, because Gervais will be back to host the 2012 Golden Globe Awards. Time heals all wounds?

Or, at least, the promise of extra viewers does. With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars this year, it’s easy to forget all the controversy that surrounded the Golden Globesat the beginning of this year. Gervais insulted Hollywood’s finest. Hollywood’s finest got angry. (Or had a great sense of humor about it and appeared on the comedian’s HBO show, Life’s Too Short.) This years’ ceremony is bound to draw more eyes, eager to witness some uncomfortable schadenfreude at the Beverly Hilton Hotel ballroom.

But Gervais has an interesting choice to make: For the 2012 Globes, should he go easy on those waiting to accept awards? Or should he take his humor one step further and really bring the nasty? On the one hand, Gervais could be wise to rehab his relationship with the HFPA and viewers — remember, not everyone watching at home was pleased with his below-the-belt appearance this year. But on the other hand, those who reveled in his ability to take down an over-celebrated group of wealthy and beautiful individuals will be expecting an even more candid Gervais next year. They’d be disappointed with anything but Gervais’ worst.

So let’s throw it to you, PopWatchers: Are you happy with the choice of Gervais this year? And do you think he should be meaner? Vote in our polls below!

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