The Munsters Show
Credit: Getty Images

TV’s original American horror story is taking another step toward returning to primetime: NBC has ordered a pilot of Bryan Fuller’s remake of the classic TV show The Munsters.

The new version of the half-hour sitcom is bring re-imagined by the Pushing Daises creator as an hour-long series exploring how the monster house came about, and will have a darker and less campy feel than the black-and-white original.

The Munsters was launched the same year as the rather similar Addams Family, which goes to show in this season of dueling fairy tale dramas (Grimm, Once Upon a Time) that networks haven’t changed all that much. While Addams was based off Charles Addams’ New Yorker cartoons, the Munsters patriarch Herman was basically a play on Frankenstein.

There’s a couple other projects that could impact The Munsters‘ fate. NBC is also developing a remake of Frankenstein from House producers Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend, while Fuller is working on another monstrous project for NBC — a series version of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lecter novels.

There’s no reason why NBC couldn’t opt to make more than one of these titles, but of these three I’d most like to see the Hannibal series (and bet, as a crime procedural, it would have the best odds for success). What do you think — can a cleverly done monster family show work in 2012?