By Erin Strecker
November 15, 2011 at 10:05 PM EST
Andrew Evans/PR Photos

Paging Elle Woods: Someone else is comfortable using legal jargon in everyday life.

Rebecca Black, of “Friday” fame, has released her new single, “Person of Interest” (no relation to the CBS show of the same name). It sounds exactly like you’d expect the follow-up to “Friday” and “My Moment” would sound. The lyrics aren’t quite as inane as her first go-round, but unfortunately, it’s mostly just forgettable.

This ode to flirting on the dance floor (keep in mind she’s still only 14) could totally pass as a throwaway Selena Gomez or early Miley Cyrus track, so she’s got that going for her in the teen-pop realm.

Unfortunately, for those who love a good ironic song about car seat debates to fuel a Friday night party, the guilty pleasure vibes coming out of this tune are absent. All we’re left with is a “crime scene on the dance floor” — a topic widely covered with more success by Britney, Rihanna and co.

Take a listen to Ms. Black’s latest below.

No word yet on a video, but I’m thinking lots of literal crime-scene tape on a pile of glitter is a definite necessity. Bonus points if she can get Michael Emerson to order that guy who played Jesus to tackle her in a cross-promotion cameo. (UPDATE: The video is apparently slated to premiere today. Get ready.)

Readers: What do you think? Is this tune going to go viral as well?

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