Zuccotti Park
Credit: Seth Wenig/AP Images

Since the NYPD evacuated Zuccotti Park late last night, celebrities have taken to Twitter to express their frustration, affirm their politics, and offer encouragement to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Even funnyman Russell Brand offered a serious response to the news: “#OWS moved out of Liberty Park “because they’re blocking 1st responders”- here’s my 1st response ‘that’s bulls***.'” See what other celebs tweeted below.

Michael Moore: “Phase Two of this massive, nonviolent MAJORITY movement will now commence. Wall St will wish they had just left it alone in the park. #ows”

Wil Wheaton: “Dear Congress: #ows and @OccupyWallSt are trying to tell you that WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH. It’s time for real change in America. Will you listen?”

Alec Baldwin: “Bloomberg’s NY is no place for the 1st amendment. Bloomberg serves Wall Street, now and forever. And Wall Street cannot handle free speech.”

Chuck D: “The People are thrown into the abyss of believing a flawed system. Thrown off track, thrown at, thrown a bone with the meat cleaned off it.”

Mark Ruffalo: People in Liberty Park were pepper sprayed. Police beat women. Press pushed out so they could not witness the crackdown. Dehumanizing 99%#Ows

Doug Benson: “I normally leave the naming of s***heads to others, but man, Mayor Bloomberg is a s***head. #S***head #ows”

Russell Simmons: “There is no possibility to ‘end corporate greed’ that’s their job, our job is to provide boundaries. Our Government should be off limits”

Questlove: “HOOOOOTIE HOOOOOOO!!!! or #OWS needs a better lookout system”

Eli Roth: “All the anger against corruption has pitted NYC’s finest against its citizens. It’s all so painful to watch from afar. Stay strong NYC #OWS”

Judah Friedlander: “I end the night w/this line from my act: Thinking your politician cares about you, is like thinking your rapist loves you. #OWS Zucotti Park”

Colin Hanks: “Disappointed to be reading about what is happening right now in NYC…”

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