By Stephan Lee
Updated November 15, 2011 at 10:25 PM EST

Since the debut of his ridiculously adorable viral video in 2010, Marcel the Shell has achieved two of his biggest goals in life: He’s published a beautifully illustrated biography, and now it looks like he owns a dog (although it terrifies him). Finally, we have a sequel from creators Dean Fleischer-Camp and Saturday Night Live alum Jenny Slate, who provides Marcel’s signature, pipsqueak voice. In it, we get some burning questions answered about our favorite shod shell: What does he use as a bed? What does he use as a car? Does he have any siblings? Find out below:

Sure, the production values have gotten fancier since Marcel’s book and television deals, but the heart is still there, and the movie ends on an oddly touching note. Plus, there’s such attention to detail! (Note the “ZZZZZZZZZZZZ”s on the monitor while Marcel’s standing on the laptop keyboard).

Even though it looks like we’re on a one-video-per-year schedule, there’s so much more territory Marcel can cover. Will he ever find love? Will Sheldon Conch ever write a book? And is there anything cuter than an out-of-breath Marcel?

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