There’s a new ad out for David Fincher’s upcoming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (out Dec. 21), and while it’s hard to glean much from the quick-cut-heavy spot, it does offer some flashes of new footage. In one brief snippet, Blomkvist (Daniel Craig) and Salander (Rooney Mara) have a quick back-and-forth exchange. Blomkvist: “I must have alarmed you turning up like this.” Salander: “If you touch me I’ll more than alarm you.” This, presumably, is the scene where Blomkvist shows up unannounced at Salander’s apartment. Salander has been gathering info on Blomkvist, and he has managed to track her down despite her efforts to stay below the radar. When EW spoke to Fincher recently, he talked about that scene — how tricky it was to get the tone right and the discussions he had with Mara about how to react when Blomkvist penetrates her privacy. Check out the new ad below, and then read on for a taste of just how much thought the famously meticulous director puts into every single moment of his films:

“We talked about the scene where [Blomkvist] knocks on her door, where he comes to her apartment,” Fincher tells EW. “Initially there were a lot of arguments about, ‘She should be pricklier, she should be mad, she should give him more of this sort of f— you.’ I said, You’re really good at finding people, and at the same time you’re really good at keeping yourself not found. And the person that you found — you’ve been through his f—ing underwear drawer, you know everything about him — all of a sudden [pounds three times on the table] he’s knocking at the door. She’s gotta respect that. She has to open that door, not just because what she did was wrong and she knows it, not just because he’s there…she’s got to see him. She’s got to look at him like, ‘I thought for sure I was off the reservation. Who are you? I’m curious now.'”

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