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Hundreds of fans lined up at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles yesterday for the premiere of Breaking Dawn — Part 1, and as Kristen Stewart pointed out, it felt almost like a reunion of sorts. “To be honest, the [fans] that I see frequently, that show up a lot, is what I notice the most,” said the actress. “It’s literally been years for some of them now. That is a trip.”

The crisply-dressed cast spent time signing autographs and taking photos with the crowd before entering the theater. “It is just such a blessing to have the number of fans who do the camping thing grow and grow with each movie,” said Kellan Lutz. “That is dedication and the least we can do is come out and hang out. Two nights ago I came out to tent city. I tried to bring them donuts and got shut down. But I had a great time anyway walking around and saying hi to everyone. It is so much fun to surprise them. That look of joy is priceless.”

Of course, the passions of Twilight fandom know almost no bounds — and that can be both endearing and terrifying. Most every cast member can quote a sweet — or awkward — fan story that comes with the job of being part of the Twilight universe.

Taylor Lautner: “I’ve gotten a lot of gifts, stuffed animals, underwear, art. And a few marriage proposals.”

Nikki Reed: “The best one recently was when I was in Salt Lake City and a man asked me if I would marry him and his wife. I thought that was pretty great. At least he was asking for both him and his wife. I was like, ‘Too late. I’m pretty married already. And so are you by the way.'”

Peter Facinelli: “I had a guy on the plane ask me if he could take a picture with me. I said, ‘Yeah sure when we land.’ But then he threw up all over himself because of turbulence. I was kind of trying to avoid him when we got off the plane. I didn’t want to have to hug a guy who had just vomited on himself. Thankfully he didn’t pursue it.”

Billy Burke: “The funniest thing that happens to me is that a mom will come up to me and say, ‘I have no idea who you are but my daughter is freaking out. Can she get a picture with you?’ That probably happens every couple of months. It makes me laugh because at my age, you’d think it’d be the moms asking for themselves.”

Julia Jones: “Sometimes the best and worst fan encounters are the same. Every now and then, you’ll come across someone so excited to see you that they start crying when you talk to them. And you’re like,’What do I do?’ You want to hug them but the more you touch them, the harder they cry. It’s a very confusing position to be in. That must be how guys feel when girls cry on them.”

Of course, there was weeping again outside the theater as the cast mingled with the fans. “This is the biggest thing I have ever seen,” said director Bill Condon. “They try to explain to you what it is going to be like when you take the job but no one does it justice. It is really loud and crazy and chaotic yet it all comes from a place of love and passion. A guy could get used to this.”

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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