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Family Guy has never been a show that’s found any subject, no matter how controversial, off-limits. So it should have been of no surprise that the animated series handled the sensitive subject of 9/11 in a provocative, if questionable, way. But, now many are wondering if the show has finally gone too far with their risky brand of humor.

During last night’s episode, while traveling through time, Stewie and Brian stop the events of 9/11 from occurring, only to find that by doing so they’ve set off a chain of events that includes a Civil War in a post-apocalyptic America. The two ultimately decide that they must go back in time once more to make sure the tragic events unfold just as they did 10 years ago. “Let it happen,” they conclude, which resulted in the two high-fiving one another. Stewie then joked that, out of context, the moment didn’t make them look very good. (Or in context, for that matter?) No argument there? Or, in the grand scheme of Family Guy — which has joked about everything from the Holocaust to domestic abuse — is this simply par for the course?

Do you fail to find the humor in their joke that, without 9/11, the world would have become an even worse place? Or should people not be taking something from Family Guy so seriously to begin with? Should the social satire be left in the hands of South Park, or is Family Guy your go-to show for an un-PC take on things? (How upset do you think Cartman would be right now that he was even in the same sentence as Family Guy?) Take the poll below and share your feelings on the episode in the comments section.

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