By Adam Markovitz
Updated November 12, 2011 at 05:00 PM EST
Jan Thijs

Immortals has a few moments likely to draw cheers, gasps, or a mixture of both from an audience. (If you haven’t seen the movie, be warned: Big spoilers lie ahead.)

There’s the scene when Aries goes on a hammer-wielding rampage and pops about seven heads like blood-filled piñatas — my audience burst into applause about halfway through. Then there’s the memorably gross shot of the Oracle’s three sisters poached alive in embryonic goo inside that metal bull (which, horrifyingly, was a real Greek torture device). But one shot got the biggest reaction of all:

The ball cruncher.

If you saw the movie and you’re male, you probably crossed your legs again just reading those words. For those who don’t know — and don’t mind a huge spoiler — the scene in question takes place when King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) decides to punish Lysander (Joseph Morgan) for treachery — even though Lysander is defecting to Hyperion’s side. After a long-winded speech about bloodlines and immortality and “seed” (yuck), Hyperion orders his bull-masked lackey to make sure that Lysander’s family tree ends here and now. Lysander’s legs are spread open, the bull-man raises a giant hammer, and… even if you haven’t seen it, you probably don’t need me to spell out the rest.

The screams in my theater were loud and long (and mostly male), and it took a solid minute before everyone calmed down enough to pay attention to what was happening in the movie. There were plenty of other cool images in Immortals that will stick with me: Hyperion’s “Donnie Darko Dentata” mask, Freida Pinto spitting water slowly into Henry Cavill’s mouth (gross, but weirdly cool), the giant sword-and-sandal fight in the sky. But none are forever seared in my brain like this one.

What about you, readers? Did your audience do a collective leg-cross after that shot? Or was there another scene that got even more screams? Let us know in the comments!

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