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Hot guys and baby animals are both great, but something magical happens when you put them together. This winning combination — why didn’t I think of it? — dreamed up by Audrey Khuner and Carolyn Newman, has already inspired a calendar, and now it’s becoming a worldwide brand. Treat your eyes to eight photos from the new book, available now, (a percentage of proceeds goes to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), and tell us your favorite pairing! And help us answer the age-old question: What’s cuter, hot guys or baby animals? Click through to see photos:

NEXT: Meet David, Mork, and Mindy …

David, Mork, and Mindy

“David is comfy in just a hat and scarf. Mork and Mindy are nudists.”

NEXT: Eric and Cheyenne make an attractive couple …

Eric and Cheyenne

“Eric’s friends describe him as ‘happy.’ Cheyenne’s friends describe her as ‘destructive.'”

NEXT: Patricio and Minca are both furry and fierce.Patricio and Minca

“Patricio is really hot. Minca is really hot, too — damn fur!”

NEXT: Ethan and Balto bro-ing out …Ethan and Balto

“Ethan likes them tall and lean. Balto likes them short and husky.”

NEXT: Andrew is a chick-magnet …Andrew, Suzette, Gigi, and Jean-Luc

“Andrew is great with the chicks. Suzette, Gigi, and Jean-Luc are even better with the guys.”

NEXT: Brent and Rufus napping …Brent and Rufus

“When Brent is awake, he likes to play basketball. When Rufus is awake, he calls the shots.”

NEXT: Mark and Sadie-Bell are inseparable …Mark and Sadie Bell

“Mark thinks people like him because he has a great smile. Sadie Belle thinks people like Mark because he has Sadie Bell.”

NEXT: Saved the best for last …Billy Ray and Georgia


“Billy Ray used to be a competitive figure skater. Georgia is a kung fu master.”

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