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Updated November 11, 2011 at 05:33 AM EST
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The fans were all a-Twittah last night at The X Factor’s Xanadome. Not only did fireball Willow Smith prove that even pretending to sing is not necessary if you want to have a career as a singer, but the overall crowd favorite went home after a (barely) superior last chance performance. As Nicole Scherzinger would probably say, it was wild maaan.

Last night’s show was ultimately very long and drawn out, and the audience didn’t get to spend much time with the busy judges. Still, as always, there were things going on behind the scenes that you simply could not see on TV. Mainly the coming undone of Paula Abdul. Read on for more from inside the studio at X Factor last night:

Drinking Nicole’s Kool-Aid It must get pretty repetitive being an X-Factor judge sometimes, unless you’re on the happy-pill Teamocil like Nicole. I kid, I kid. But for the second night in a row, she really went for the spaced out lovey hippie vibe when she was addressing the crowd. “You’re a bright light of love,” she said. “It’s kind of sexy. It’s kind of freaky. It’s so beautiful. I’m feeling gooooood.” Maybe she was just happy that her contestants were announced safe first?

With A Little Help From My Friends Paula’s night, as expected, was not as rainbow-bright as Nicole’s. After Lakoda Rayne and the best band in the world, the Stereo Hoggzz, were announced as the bottom two, Paula began a shocking downward spiral that ended in unspeakable tragedy — as you saw, she had to choose between her two groups. During the commercial break, Simon and Nicole came out from backstage, which they did not have to do, to comfort their friend. Nicole gave her a long hug, and Simon put his arm over her tiny shoulders as she cried, offering what I’m sure were words of condolence. After the show, L.A. asked the audience to give it up for Paula for being such a great, caring mentor. When she was able to speak, her words were as follows: “I want to thank you all for realizing how great my groups are. I appreciate all of the hard work, and I hope you do too. God bless you all. I love you.”

Bringing Down The Intensity As I noted last week, InTENsity’s elimination became extremely awkward when the entire crowd started chanting for the Stereo Hogzz in unison, as prompted by Bill the warm-up guy. There were tears — many, many tears. Well, this week, Paula’s job as the comforter wasn’t quite so hard, because Bill stressed that we had to “support both of these groups…okay?” Stereo Hoggzz definitely had more support from the crowd, but it wasn’t so painfully, blatantly obvious. Thank you, Bill, for learning your lesson.

No Tears On Their Pillow The ladies of Lakoda Rayne, curiously enough, didn’t shed a tear during the break, though Paige Ogle was close. It was almost as if they knew they would be safe! Stereo Hogzz were also calm and gracious when they were given the boot, stressing that they were simply happy to be there. All in all, a relatively uneventful elimination from the contestants’ end. The emotion all came from Paula.

Well, that’s all for this week, viewers. Do you think that the right group went home? What did you think of Willow Smith’s performance? Let us know in the comments!

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