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Future Of Us For

Thirteen Reasons Why and Tangled authors Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler have teamed up to bring you a nostalgic yet forward-thinking new novel, The Future of Us, out Nov. 21. Think Back to the Future meets The Social Network: It’s 1996, and two teenage best friends, Emma and Josh, get a CD-ROM for America Online in the mail, but when they try to install it, they stumble onto a website called Facebook — which hasn’t been invented yet — and see their lives 15 years into the future! But their future spouses, careers, homes, and status updates are not all they expected, and the vision changes every time Emma and Josh refresh the website. This inventive novel has fun with 90’s pop culture (“Heyyyy, Macarena!”), but it also delves into deeper themes about young people’s anxiety about an uncertain future. Check out the exclusive trailer for the book below!

What do you think, YA fans? I think the trailer could be a commercial for a hit ABC Family series, but I’m even more excited about the depth that Asher and Mackler will bring to this intriguing premise.

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