By Kate Ward
Updated November 11, 2011 at 11:45 PM EST
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As if the 3-D Lion King feast in theaters wasn’t enough to quench your nostalgic thirst, Disney announced today that they will be releasing Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella from the Disney vault. The two films will be available on Blu-ray via Disney’s Diamond Edition Classics… but not until February and fall 2012, respectively. (And, as always, for only a limited time.)

Lady and Cinderella might not pack the same punch as the fresh-in-our-memories Lion King, but, still, exciting news for Disney loyalists who relish each time the studio’s films find their way onto our DVD shelves. But, after Lion King dominated at the box office with its brief — but awesome — cinematic return earlier this year (tied to its Blu-ray release), would we prefer to see Disney’s released flicks as they were first intended to be seen, in the theaters?

True, Lady and Cinderella don’t quite boast the visuals of Lion King. They were made in a simpler time, when moviegoers didn’t demand ocular satisfaction at every second. But, for me, that would be part of the reason I’d be interested to see the films in theaters: In this fast-paced world, who wouldn’t want to be taken back to a time when cell phones weren’t as common as popcorn at the movies? (Of course, we’d still have to cope with living in this time when cell phones are as common as popcorn in the movies. Sigh.) These films represent Disney in its heyday. People of literally all ages have seen Lady and Cinderella. That’s a pretty attractive demographic for theaters.

That being said, I’m far more excited for Little Mermaid‘s big-screen release. Come Sept. 13, 2013, we’ll be part of Ariel’s world. Holy dinglehopper, that’s a long wait!

PopWatchers: Would you see Lady or Cinderella in the theaters?

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