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Awwww. Y’all know what I realized this week?

It’s been just about one year since we first started our show-mance (and I mean that quite literally). Our mutual love for television has brought us together and I couldn’t be happier about it. So many thanks for your readership, harassment, and love. Sometimes, it all even came rolled in a single e-mail. Crazies after my own heart — I love it.

So I hope you enjoy today’s installment and the comfort of knowing that you’re now officially my longest relationship ever. Woo!!… I think.

Also, celebrate by sending me more questions and ponderings. (E-mail: or Tweet: @EWSandraG) You’re great people and I appreciate you. Happy Anniversary!! (Note: It was officially last Saturday, but in the grand tradition of all my relationships, I forgot. So we can celebrate now!)


So, readers, was Grey’s Anatomy not the most heart-wrenching thing ever last night? I was consoled only by the fact that I was sure there were other people somewhere bawling along with me. But aside from leaving me with puffy eyes, the episode also left us all with a burning question: What’s going to happen to poor Teddy? Well, when I spoke with Kim Raver, she weighed in on what’s next. “It’s like the time-bomb waiting to explode,” she says. “I know that she doesn’t just dissolve into a puddle on the floor. It’s not that kind of grieving. I know she will go into ‘Let me try to fix it’ mode. But we don’t know how long that will hold.”Moreover, she said, when the show returns from hiatus, the dynamic between Cristina, Owen and Teddy will be unlike any we’ve seen between them before. “To have the three of them interacting is going to be very interesting to watch and to see the outcome from this devastating event. The impact of it [is great].”

And, of course, she says, one of the things that will weigh most heavily on the former Army doc is the suddenness of her husband’s tragic death and the fact that she wasn’t there. “In her mind, when she talks to him [before surgery], she’s sure she’s going to see him in post-op. It’s not like it was a tricky surgery,” she says. “It’s like when we get in our car — you expect for there to be dangers on the road but you never expect to be flipped upside down. You don’t expect to lose someone so close to you. That’s the horrifying reality she’s going to have to deal with.”

I think we all better add “Kleenex” to our Christmas lists.


Next Wednesday, Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) will find herself front and center on a case that will push her psyche to the limits as a friend of hers (Brigid Brannagh) goes missing. And as Vangsness previews, the horrific event will bring Garcia even closer to her BAU bestie, Morgan. “I think that he and J.J. are there the whole time, but she can totally be who she is around him,” says Vangsness. “When she gets crazy, he is the giver of that support she needs. When she is about to completely crack, he’s the one giving the tough love. He’s the one who comes to her when he thinks there’s something wrong.”

But while that kind of unconditional support is the stuff great love is made of, Vangsness says theirs is completely platonic — and she hopes that never changes. “It’s so much better in your imagination. Their talent is dancing on the line. If you go over that line, there’s no room for imagination,” she says. “You want that person always idealized. I think that’s the thing — they’re idealized in each other’s minds. And whenever you’re with somebody [romantically], you can no longer idealize them, and that’s no fun.”

In all, she says, the episode, which also guest stars Heroes’ Jack Coleman,” solidifies what you already know about them — they ain’t goin’ nowhere, in terms of their affection.”


You either loved or hated the tension caused by the arrival of Sebastian Smithe (Grant Gustin) on this week’s Glee, but regardless of your thoughts, he’ll be back.

When I spoke with Gustin prior to his debut this week, he said we’ll see Sebastian in episode 8, where “Sebastian becomes slightly more straightforward toward Kurt about how he feels about him and Kurt does the same toward Sebastian,” says Gustin. “They have their very first alone time without Blaine there, and they definitely express how they feel about each other.” Which, I’m guessing means they don’t exchange friendship bracelets. Excellent.

We’ll also see Sebastian come into his own more, Gustin previews, saying, “The scene we filmed for episode 8 was definitely my favorite that I’ve gotten to partake in because I think I’m becoming more comfortable with being Sebastian,” he says. “He’s a cocky SOB.”

And he’s a cocky SOB we’ll likely see after episode 8 as well. That’s right, the drama won’t end there. “There’s definitely a little more tension and drama in episode 8,” he says. “But there’s also a fun set-up for how Sebastian will return in a very exciting way that I will not give away yet.”


IMDB only lists Tate in 7 episodes, while all the other characters are in for 12. Tell me he’s not going anywhere! #AHSFX @superscubasuzi

He’s not going anywhere. In fact, when I spoke with Evan Peters earlier this week he told me that episode 9 will show us more of Tate’s life with Constance and Addy. “Tate’s psychotic, he has things telling him what to do in his mind, but he’s also traumatized,” Peters said. “His family life is a huge part of why he’s done what he’s done.” Come back Wednesday for more from our convo!

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Hi Sandra! How are you today? I hope all is well. Now, with the courtesies out of the way, I was hoping you had some Bonnie scoopage. :D — Mary

When Mandi Bierly spoke to Julie Plec yesterday about the midseason finale, she got some extra details on what fans can expect when Bonnie’s mom, Abby Bennett (Persia White), makes her debut in episode 12, which Plec said she’s currently writing. “In our show, we’ve met a series of Bennett witches. Obviously it is something that seems to have been passed down from generation to generation,” she says. “The lineage of these witches, with Grams and Emily Bennett, has been very important to our show, and Bonnie’s heritage has been very important to the mythology. So it’s about time that we ask ourselves who her mother is, and what her mother might be capable of as a witch or not a witch, and where the hell she is.” Also juicy? We will find out exactly what’s been keeping Mama away from Mystic Falls and her daughter.

Hi Sandra. First time submitter but long time follower of the Spoiler Room, it keeps me tide over between episodes. Anyhoo, my spoiler request is in regards to Castle; given the number of scars I have, I’m a firm believer of “Scars are like tattoos, but with better stories,” but Beckett got shot…in the chest…and then had said chest sliced open to fix the damage, so fans all know she’s hiding a doozy of a scar. Given the discomfort Beckett most likely feels/will feel having a second party see her scar, or the feelings of guilt it’s going to bring up for Castle were he to see it, is Marlowe & Co going to either a) Further address the issue of Beckett’s scar (beyond what was dropped in 04×04), or b) actually give Castle a glimpse of it? I mean just imagining possibilities with that potential moment would be enough for it to jump on your Top 5 Favorite Casket Moments, Sandra! Cheers. – Evelyn

Next week’s episode, “Kill Shot,” which finds Beckett going through a lot of emotional turmoil (as you could have guessed from the preview) would be the perfect time to address the scar, right? Well, the good news is, if it doesn’t end up on the cutting room floor for some reason, I believe you will see it next week.

Hope you are healing up nicely! I too have been a victim of my own clumsiness, and know that it is no fun. So I hope you get well soon! :) Anyway, it’s official; I am a Castle junkie! How am I to get through two whole weeks without a new episode?! Especially since the next episode, “Kill Shot,” looks incredible! Any hope that Beckett will let Castle comfort her? That may get me through until the 21st. Thanks! — Alyssa Manwill (huge Castle fan from Oregon)

Thank you, Alyssa! I’m healing well from my troubling tumble. (To be fair, it was worth it because I made it home in time for Supernatural. But I will never again run in heels to do so. DVR will always have my back.) Oh, right. You had a question. While I can’t tell you too much, I can say that Stana Katic has a lot to be proud of in this episode, and Beckett and Castle have always been, if anything, emotionally supportive of one another. I gather we won’t be disappointed.

Leverage is coming back soon! Some spoilers pretty please? — Amanda

I’ll definitely have more scoop for you soon, as I’m talking to creator Dean Devlin today (AKA: Send questions NOW! @EWSandraG on Twitter or But I can tell you that Nate’s pop (Jimmy Ford) will return for an episode later this year and his reappearance has something to do with Latimer (Leon Ripp)…

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Will there be more stuff for Dair fans? Dan and Blair seem to complement each other so well. I hope they will keep delivering scenes featuring these two. — Svenja

Well, there definitely isn’t one in next week’s “Big Sleep No More” episode, which will find most of the cast at the big event — and Dan at home, hiding in embarrassment!

From the promo it looks like Chuck & Blair will kiss next week on Gossip Girl. I’m so excited. Details please. — @wrightst3

Fact: It happens at Sleep No More. Fact: It’s probably not what you’re thinking. (But the Canadian promo is pretty helpful.) Fact: There’s a scheme involved… possibly multiple schemes. And there’s an accomplice involved. Opinion: No one kisses like these two.

Sandra! We Gossip Girl fans, can always count on you for some good spoilers! Let’s not break the tradition! Anything CHAIR? — @nina_lux

Next week, you’ll understand just how well Chuck’s therapy has been working. And yes, the answer has to do with Blair.

Melissa is my favorite character on The Secret Circle and I was wondering what she will be up to in future episodes since she isn’t a part of the love pentagon. Will she have more scenes with Faye? Thanks! — Steph

Affirmative on more Melissa action! But as far as her relationship with Faye, we’ll see a divide forming between them when the show returns in January (weep). Executive producer Andrew Miller gave us the dish. “She’s becoming empowered in a similar way to Cassie, just without the dark magic part,” he says. “The Nick experience, having someone who loved her for who she is, is empowering. It will take her away from Faye a little bit, because Faye has never treated her with the kind of respect that even Nick came to treat her. It’s going to drastically effect her relationship with Faye, and it might turn her to other people in the circle to be friends with.”

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Sons of Anarchy was INSANE this week. I have a terrible feeling something terrible is going to happen to Tara. — Alice.

You’d be right, but it’s not at the hands of the people who hurt her last week. It’s, in fact, more troubling than that. Bonus scoop: As Clay continues to fly off the rails, someone in the club makes a completely shocking decision that leaves Clay stunned, which is hard to do these days.

I’m really loving this new season of CSI: Miami, do you have a new scoop on what’s coming up? :) — Mayra

An upcoming episode (tentatively episode 12) is going to deal with the murder of a cancer-stricken Steve Jobs-like tech giant. Well, according to one of the investigators, he’s “bigger than Steve Jobs,” but that’s something I have a hard time imagining.

Did Jesse Spencer give you some nice spoilers about Dr. Chase??? — @MeganGabor

He sure did. And I put a lot of them in the piece I put up Monday. But here’s an extra little tid-bit. If you were hoping to see what Chase was up to during that time gap we had this year, Spencer isn’t so sure we’ll ever find out. “I don’t think this year was necessary the year they wanted to do a backstory for that kind of stuff,” he says. “They may toy with it towards the middle or the end of the season, but I think [executive producer] David Shore wanted to go back to these sort of traditional House episodes, where we really focus on the patient. Any character stuff that comes up is purely derived from the patient, and it really centers around that.”

Did Jesse Spencer tell you how long into the season we have to wait until any good Chase story is airing? Did he give any spoilers? — @antonia_kd

“I’m never entirely sure,” he says, “but rest assured I’m going to be around a lot. Definitely there are some episodes which are going to focus on Chase, so that’s good for [people who like Chase] and good for me!”

Hey, Sandra, you cover a lot of CW shows. Give them a break. How about some CSI scoop? — Tamara

No need to get testy. There’s lots of scoop for everyone, including you! The Dec. 14 episode will center on Dr. Robbins, and, among other things, introduce us to his family. UPDATE: Looks who’s playing his wife! (Thanks to reader Shane for the link.)

Dexter, PLEASE! I can’t wait until Sunday to see more of the return of the Ice Truck Killer. — Aimee

Indeed, Brian Moser is back this week, and he’s as evil as you recall — even in post-death hallucination form. Aside from seeing Dexter wield a gun (he hates guns!) I was most troubled by a totally uncharacteristic kill he makes as a result of Brian’s promptings. Also in the ep? You’ll know for sure how long Brian is going to be around.

I find myself looking forward to Raising Hope more than Glee on Tuesdays. You know what that means? I need some scoops! — Sadie

You have good taste, Sadie. And you also have a lot to look forward to. Next week’s episode, featuring Burt’s parents, played by Lee Majors and Shirley Jones, is pretty much Raising Hope perfection as the pair rolls into town for Thanksgiving. There’s lots of good stuff — we see flashbacks to Burt’s childhood, Maw-Maw discover erotic web chatting, and, most importantly, Jimmy and Sabrina’s ***o** ****

I’d love some scoop on Hart of Dixie! — Morgan

As if things weren’t complicated enough in Dixie, an upcoming episode will find Wade getting Lemon drunk (or perhaps there wasn’t much convincing to be done…). Regardless, there’s more to this story.

Will Rick ever hear another voice on that radio? #TheWalkingDead– @LifesAnArsehole

Not in the next two episodes, which I’ve seen. Meanwhile, someone else is hearing, um, voices. Well, a voice and it’s accompanied by a visual. From my experiences, that’s anything but a positive sign.

Hi there! I loved the Spoiler Room video with Anna Torv and Maggie Q. And you get to watch TV for a living. Best job ever. :D I was wondering how Shane will deal with the fact that he not only left a man to die but took his only chance of survival? — @taays_

I could get deep and analytical here, but that’s probably not what you want to hear. So I’ll say this, sex helps a lot of people cope. And thank you for your kind words about the video. Those who haven’t checked it out yet can check it out below!

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