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Tonight’s game-changing fall finale of The Secret Circle will reveal some shocking secrets about Cassie (Britt Robertson) and the gang, and leave audiences with a major cliffhanger to torment their brains during the holidays. Sound juicy? You bet! Fans of Chris Zylka’s Jake will be a huge fan of tonight’s episode, “Balcoin,” as Cassie learns about her past and is confronted by the evil witch-hating council. EW got the scoop on tonight’s installment and more during a recent screening of the episode, during which executive producer Andrew Miller and star Gale Harold left us with some great teasers going into the new year. SPOILERS AFTER THE JUMP!

The fall finale unearths some of Jake’s motivations, but don’t expect to learn everything about this mysterious bad boy just yet. “I’m not sure we can trust Jake,” Miller said. “He’s still kind of an enigma.” We do find out how he feels about Cassie, but his feelings about the rest of the group (and whether or not he’ll still kill them) are still pretty open. Miller said that Jake would probably sacrifice the rest of the circle if he could, though “he really does care for Cassie. I don’t know where that leads him, because he’s a weird guy.”

As for Zykla’s current non-regular status, well, Miller was pretty cryptic about that one. “We like Chris Zylka a lot,” he said. “He’s a fun character, and he’s brought a lot out of Cassie. We hope to use him in more episodes down the road, and we’re figuring that out right now.”

We’ll also be seeing more of Isaac and his witch-hunting friends in the council, who have emerged as the big bads this season. They make a major play tonight that will have dire consequences for at least one witch, and Miller said we have much to learn about them in the future. “We started with Isaac; he’s become a really interesting character for us,” he teased. “But he’s one of many. The history of the council will surprise us, and goes back longer than anyone thinks right now.” For anyone who thinks that Jake is crazy for listening to a witch-hating psycho over the beautiful girl next door, Miller had this to say: “There is a hold that Issac has on Jake. Isaac has a lot of confidence, and over the last two years their relationship has grown. It’s a little father-son, it’s a little student-mentor.”

Charles and Dawn are as bad as ever tonight, but don’t expect last week’s memory-erasing spell on Jane to come without a price. The consequences will be felt tonight, when Charles sees just how badly he screwed things up for Cassie. “We’re seeing in this episode that the spell that Charles put on [Jane] didn’t work as well as they might have hoped, and it’s going to cause immediate problems for them,” Miller said. “For Cassie, it’s going to toss her world around, because in some sense, the last family member she has is drifting away from her. It will affect her drastically.”

Harold noted that his character has also been affected drastically, but by last month’s shocking murder. This will start to weigh heavily on the already complicated relationship between Charles and Dawn. “Their relationship has been changing in the last few episodes because of what happened to Nick,” Harold said. “It’s created a wedge in between them. Charles has really stepped up and is grabbing the power back in the form of this crystal. What we’ll find in the next few episodes is that as that divide increases between them, they’ll have to seek up support. A guy who might come into the middle of that power struggle is Ethan Conant.”

Finally, expect to learn more about Cassie’s innate dark magic before the night is over. We’ve already seen a snake-demon and some pretty nasty spells, and Cassie’s new powers will bring more even new evils in the near future. “There are other things that are possible in the world of The Secret Circle,” he said. “It may not be vampires and werewolves and mummies, but we’re going to be dealing with other supernatural forces. Once you deal with this kind of power, they’re bound to come calling.”

That’s all for now! Any predictions on tonight’s fall finale? Share them in the comments!

The Secret Circle airs tonight at 9 p.m. E.T.

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