Madonna’s single “Give Me All Your Luvin” leaked yesterday, and perhaps to diehard fans it sounds like synthed-up angels singing hallelujahs.

For many of us though, it’s more like the musical equivalent of a bouquet of hydrangeas. Madonna and manager Guy Oseary quickly responded that the leak was merely a demo and that completed versions of her new tracks won’t be released officially until the new year. That said, if this is the musical direction, Madonna is taking, it’s not a good omen. Hear the track — and our take on it — here:

“Give Me All Your Luvin” blends Katy Perry-meets-Gwen-Stefani chanting, echoes of Ashlee Simpson’s regrettable foray into New Wave-y synth-guitar sounds, and a “Hold It Against Me” redux breakdown — and that’s exactly the problem. Madonna is her own artist, a woman who has proved over four iconic decades in the business that she is more than capable of creating much more inventive and exhilarating music than this. “Luvin” is cloying, derivative, and, frankly, boring — the kind of second-rate single I’d expect to hear from a less-experienced pop ingenue who takes what they can get.

And that’s without mentioning its lyrics (“We can drink some wine/ Burgundy is fine”), which are some of the lamest Madge has turned in since the rap from 2003’s “American Life.” At 42 years old, J.Lo got a lot of flak for talking about “party people” in her club bumper “On the Floor.” Should Madonna, who is 11 years older and a more formidable artist on so many levels, indulge in this same type of child’s play? Cheerleader chants and talking about “danc[ing] our lives away,” Madonna? Really?

If nothing else, hopefully the leak will give Madonna a push to drastically retune her upcoming album. If not for the fans, then for her own legacy. You deserve better, Madonna.

What do you think? Do you like the direction Madonna is taking, or are you disappointed? If you could pick any of Madge’s incarnations for her to revisit, which would you choose?

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