By Lanford Beard
Updated November 08, 2011 at 03:40 PM EST

Make that 20 Kids and Counting. Arkansan supermom Michelle Duggar announced to People that she and husband, Jim Bob, are expecting their 20th child in April 2012. That due date makes for a 24-year spread between the newest Duggar and his or her oldest sibling, Joshua, who has two children of his own with wife, Anna. There is some legitimate concern over this pregnancy as the Duggars’ most recent child, 23-month-old Josie, had to be kept in intensive care after she was born three months premature and weighing only 1 pound, 6 ounces.

Michelle confirmed to the magazine that she’s under the care of a high-risk pregnancy doctor. She said she’s on a special diet and added, “We are just going to do the best we can. I am taking a nap every day, and we are just taking good care.” The Duggars will find out the baby’s sex in late December and, due to complications from Josie’s emergency delivery, Michelle’s C-section will be scheduled this time around.