November 08, 2011 at 02:32 PM EST

Roomies, today is an exciting day, and not just because I got the next episode of American Horror Story in the mail. I’m happy as a clam to present to you Spoiler Room’s new video venture that will bring you the best teasy bit straight from the people we watch (and dream about — Just me? Okay.) every week. (Note: Not to worry, you’ll still get your regular Spoiler Room column on Fridays. This is extra credit!) In this first edition, Fringe‘s Anna Torv, Nikita‘s Maggie Q, and Suburgatory star Jane Levy take your questions and/or dish on what’s coming up on their shows.

As always, make sure you’re sending me your burning questions via e-mail ( and Twitter (@EWSandraG). And stay tuned for details on how you can submit your question via video and be included on future installments of this new bi-monthly series.

Oh, and don’t be shy about sending me your general thoughts on the video and how you might want to get involved. But please be gentle — there’s nothing I can do about the stupid, overly enthusiastic faces I make. It just happens.

Spoiler: Here are some hints about who you might see in the next episode.

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