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Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week,’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!

***This week’s heap is extra-overflowing, like Tristan MacManus’ pot of gold and red-velvety treasures, because next week there will be no Hidden Gems***


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“When Hope and Maks were getting their scores, Tristan looked like a grinning leprechaun perched in in a pot of silver.” —Gostivar

“First time gem hunter! I would like to nominate the bowl of pickles on the Chmerkovskiy family table. Instead of “fly on the wall” can we all start saying “I’d like to be the bowl of pickles on that table”?” —Katie Lyn  

“Straight hair, feather wristband, brown dress: is it still Halloween, because Carrie is dressed like Pocohontas.” —RevDJEsq, endoresd by GHchick84, tnmiller, JHarris

“With Carrie Ann’s ‘new’ bangs, extensions, & that weird feather bracelet. She looks like she is turning into a Wookie! Oh wait…does that count as calling her an animal?” —jt

“Has CAI plucked a rooster to adorn her bracelet?” —Patrycja, endorsed by DebraD, Beth in Mi, MegJYay and BV (who liked it, as did FF)

“Carrie Ann looked like Melon Cat.” —Muller

“I thought the ‘infinity symbol” behind Rob and Cheryl’s dance was an 8 for week 8. Just me? I only made that connection b/c Rob ran into the rehersal room yelling “WEEK 8!!!” like a maniac seconds earlier. Too many spray tan fumes…” —Katie Lyn, endorsed by Hez’s 6-year-old daughter, BV, Fringe Fairy

“The lights beneath the balcony to the right of the band look like teeth and are very reminiscent of the game Crocodile Dentist’.” —kellen

“Who is so low class as to wear a baseball hat in the front row at Dancing With The Stars? Oh, look, it’s a member of the Kardashian Kartrashian family.” —Beverley, endorsed by Lorie, Jem Ho, D Scott Duncan, DebraD

“Lamar’s headless torso clapping next to his wife after Rob&Cheryl’s dance.” —Patrycja

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“Bruce Jenner forced to sit in the second row, yet again, while this time Scott and his baseball cap got a better seat” —MegJYay

“Annie…can you do a side by side pic of Bruce Jenner and SNL‘s Taran Killam as frozen-faced Bruce Jenner. They are one in the same.” —gigi, endorsed by duranmom, SpeechTeacher, the kid

“With his matching earrings, Bruce Jenner reminded me of Janet Reno!” —Rebecca

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“A slightly more aged Ray Romano look alike behind Flo Hen.” —Xorp

“Tom’s doppleganger sitting behind Florence Hendersen before hope’s dance'” —MLM

Alice M. Arthur

“Is Hope ‘The Mother’ on HIMYM? Or did she just steal her umbrella…ella…ella…!” —gigi, endorsed by duranmom, SunBlitz42

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“Did Maks cover Karina’s face?! I know they’re exes, but really” —@RachFarb, endorsed by Sue B, Beth in MI, Imagine_peace

“At the end of Maks & Hope’s dance, the blue balloon had an ‘M’ on it. Why? For ‘Maks’? ‘Mirrorball’? ‘My show’?” —Jem Ho

“Audible hidden gem: When Brooke was backstage to interview Rob and Cheryl for their Instant Jive, she looked like a giant, and Tom says, “Brooke you’re gianormous!”  Her response?  “Thank you Tom!”  Brookebot strikes again.” —Melissa

“I was always kind of disturbed by Derek’s creepy fondling of Jennifer Grey in season 11, and then in that clip with her tonight, she would not remove her hand from his chest.  Ewwwwww(.com)” —Jem Ho, endorsed by Hiddle

“Derek’s face as he stood between Jennifer Grey and Ricki Lake. Looked like it could have been an episode of Sister Wives.” —I Dream of Derek

“Derek gave impeccably manicured trumpeter a run for his money at the beginning of his dance!” —Xorp

“When Tom was doing his intro for Nancy, the spotlights behind him looked like they were coming out of his shoulders. It looked like he was going to get beamed up into the Planet Mirrorballus atmosphere at any moment.” —Jem Ho

Paul Aussenard/WireImage

“Nancy almost had a Basic Instinct leg-crossing moment at the beginning of her Tango. Yikes!” —First Time Hunter

Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

“Tristan is like a glorious, Irish, dancing James Bond.” —GemSighting

“Why are there gold lame wings over the windows in Karina and JRs studio? Are those curtains on Planet Mirrorballus?” —duranmom, endorsed by Anthony

“Not curtains…….wings! They are the magical cape like wings to teleport you to Planet Mirrorballus.” —Xorp

“I’m thinking Hannibal Lector must have escaped and filleted a costumer like he did the guard in the courthouse in Silence of the Lambs.” —LAG Award Winner

DING DING DING: “In J.R. and Karina’s rehearsal space, Margaret Cho’s ‘wings’ from her Viennese Waltz were stuck on the wall like a golden butterfly.” —MTD1988, endorsed by irishdance23, Robyn, Patrycja

“When JR was jumping on the couch after his first thirty the mirrorball was sparkling all over his pants” —Jillibean1530

“JR as the Cuba Gooding of DWTS — man, you haven’t won! Yet. :-)” —Chaz

“He brought me back to Drew Lachey in the finals when he got perfect scores on everything and he was whooping it up and jumping on the couches.  Same personality too:  likable.” —duranmom

“Tom’s little hidden-gem-hop before Rob and Cheryl’s instant jive.” —Fringe Fairy

“Double sided tape visible on Cheryl’s left breast after Rob&Cheryl’s instant jive.” —Patrycja, endorsed by Jillibean1530, Jem Ho

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“I think Jerry Rice’s face paint during the dance center preview had some literal hidden gems in it!” —nicknak, endorsed by duranmom, Electronic_Neko, DancingBrenda

“Tristan leaving sweat marks on his gold bowtie when Brook interviews them while rehearsing…. (and if that bowtie goes up for auction it’s mine…..)” —Hiddle

MNBonnie would like to expand on Hiddle’s nomination:

Annie, I have to nominate Tristan’s sweat all season as a hidden gem.   I know all the dancers put in long hours and probably sweat a lot, but Tristan seems bathed in it.  Or am I just watching him more closely than the other male dancers because?  Well DUH! But I’m entirely convinced his sweat smells like Irish Spring soap and not nasty man sweat like the other male dancers.  So you rock on, Tristan!  Keep sweating and we’ll keep fanning ourselves.

The Sopranos: Anthony Neste

“Maks’ jive costume makes him look like General Zod from Superman 2!” —Cinders

“A definite appearance by ‘little Maks’ in those Jive pants!” —Riley

“Did Tom just say ass?! I’m pretty sure he just told Maks to pinch Len’s ass.” —Electronic_Neko

Paul Morigi/Getty Images

“Len accidentally lifting his ‘9’ paddle before the scoring for Hope and Maks’ Jive! He was so flustered that he couldn’t contain himself. Loved his aggressive ‘NNNNNIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEEE!!!’ in spectacular defiance to Carrie Ann and Bruno. Bravo, DANCMASTR!” —WiltedYouth, endorsed by Fringe Fairy, endorsed by Anon19xxx, SunBlitz42, duranmom, Jem Ho, Kevin M. Kawa, DebraD

“After Ricki and Derek were getting so-so comments from the judges for their instant jive, the dude in the audience in Ricki’s cheering section with the wolf-beard looked like he was about to hurl.” —iggy

“I really enjoyed Rob’s ‘girl puh-lease!’ eyeroll when Ricki was acting like it was the end of the world because she disappointed everyone.” —Jenn, endorsed by irishdance23

“At one point he lifts his eyes to the Planet Mirrorballus heavens as if to say, “Either they go, or I will!”” —WiltedYouth

“I thought Brooke’s dress was rather serpentine, but the ratty hair tail was really too much. Who could have told her that looked good? Maybe the same people who styled Ricki’s hair to look like the Big Boy?” —Sugar, endorsed by fg

Bob Ganley/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

“Tristans leprechaun in his pants when he and Nancy are arguing before she says they should be married. The camera pans away from him pretty quickly!” —Imagine_peace

Elena Seibert

“During the Nancy Grace taped segment prior to Instant Jive, someone is seen peeking in from the door, as she commented about marrying Tristan. Leprechaun? Munchkin? Gnome? Who was it???” —Anthony

“After Nancy’s ‘We should get married!’ to Tristan in the rehearsal package for their Jive, Tristan leans down and claps a few times. I honestly thought he was calling his leprechauns to come to his defense.” —WiltedYouth

“Somebody’s spats are way cooler that Mark’s! It looked like Tristan had his spats dipped in liquid gold!” —Patrycja

“Seeing the black silhouette of the camera guy on the white screen during Nancy & Tristan’s jive didn’t feel right, and it made me think of The Bodyguard when the stalker dude had a gun in the movie camera” —Jem Ho

“Nancy Grace’s son making faces at the camera after his mom’s dance gave me hope for cuteness in a post-Coco Arquette ballroom!” —Lauren, endorsed by SpeechTeacher, DancingBrenda, Kevin M. Kawa, Jen P., Riley, DancingBrenda

Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images

“LOVED LOVED LOVED JR’s interaction with the Harold Wheeler Band right before his instant dance! Did ECL (Enthusiastic Chimes Lady) tell him “good luck”? Did IMT (Impeccably Manicured Trumpeter) tell him he was voting for him? It’s the stuff dreams are made of…” —Hiddle


“Hidden Gem (My first one!): When JR and Karina were getting their critique for the instant Jive, I thought JR was sweating profusely, and then I realized it was just all the gems in Karina’s necklace reflecting off his head!” —First Timer!

“Maks scratching his head while Karina and JR were on camera. He knows he’s licked.” —DancingBrenda



Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!


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