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November 08, 2011 at 04:38 PM EST

The death of Vincent Nigel-Murray last season was a devastating loss for the team at the Jeffersonian, but they’re on their way to filling the void with the addition of new squintern Finn Abernathy, who makes his debut on this Thursday’s episode.

“He’s good ole boy from the hills,” says actor Luke Kleintank, who in the past has appeared in several episodes of Gossip Girl and No Ordinary Family.

Finn, who sports what Kleintank calls a “Larry the Cable Guy” accent, certainly makes a strong impression on the team, especially with Hodgins — but that’s not necessarily a good thing. “The best way I can describe it is that it’s like the relationship I have with my brothers,” he says. “They [bicker], but kind of fall in love with each other at the end … I think he and Hodgins are going to be a dynamic duo, the two brothers that are just doing stupid stuff together.”And while it’s true that Finn’s “deep and tortured” past (which includes a criminal record!) plays some part in the team’s hesitation toward him, Kleintank says it’s what helps him form a deep connection with Brennan. “Brennan has a past of abuse and they can relate on that level,” he says. “As far as depth goes, I think him and Brennan might find something deep and a good connection. They’ve already started to. I think she’s going to open up to him and be a mentor — or a motherly figure in some ways.”

Kleintank has so far filmed one episode, but is set to return after the show’s filming hiatus, following the birth of Emily Deschanel’s first child.

“I hope people fall in love with him and find him endearing and smart and loving,” he says. “I hope he falls in love with the relationships he starts with everybody and the ones that could come.”

As a bonus treat, here’s a First Look at Finn Abernathy in action!

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