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Updated November 07, 2011 at 07:05 PM EST
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Chase’s absence from the first four episodes of House’s new season have been painful for fans of the Aussie doc, but luckily, he and fellow veteran team member Taub (Peter Jacobson) are back on tonight’s new episode. But, as Jesse Spencer tells EW, their transition back to a team, which has seen the addition of two doctors (Odette Annable’s Jessica Adams and Charlyne Yi’s Chi Park), won’t be seamless.

“They have their disagreements [with the new team], obviously,” he says. “They have different clashes and different ways of doing things, but there is also a sort of nurturing — for lack of a better term. The [returning] characters give hints to the new characters about why House might be doing what he’s doing or which direction we think we should be going.”

There will, particularly, be some interesting interaction between Chase and new doc Adams. “There’s flirting that goes on,” he teases. “Adams is a very good looking doctor — House points it out straightaway, as he tends to do. And there’s a definite attraction between Chase and Adams, and we have some flirty scenes, but whether they actually go down that path or not, I’m not really sure. It’s not something that they’re going to focus on. I don’t think that’s the point of this season or the characters.” And while romance is always an option, he adds with a laugh, “Flirting and that sort of stuff is not really my forte.”

So what is Chase’s story this season? After years of slowly growing up and maturing on screen, Spencer says a number of Chase-centric episodes will “test him personally, professionally, and both.” “They’re writing for me a lot in every episode, and I think it’s going to be Chase’s best season,” he says.

But whether these episodes will be among his last on the show remains to be seen. Like most House fans, Spencer says he’s aware that this season could be the show’s last. While nothing official has been said on the matter, Spencer said it’s hard not to be affected by the rumors. “Because that has been thrown about, I’ve kind of gotten a little bit sentimental about the whole thing,” he says. “After this year, it’s going to be a quarter of my life I’ve been working on this show. I think back to how quickly it all happened and then how much time and effort was put into the show, and I’m very proud of it.”

“I hope it doesn’t end and that they’d want to do another year, but if they feel like it’s the right time to end it, I trust that as well. I really leave that up to the gods. My job is just to keep my head down and make sure that I do a good job with the episodes that come to me this season … I’ll be very sad if it ends, but we can celebrate all the good work that was done over the last eight years. Maybe even win an Emmy or something!” (Lanford Beard contributed to this report.)

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