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November 07, 2011 at 12:00 PM EST

When Lanie and Esposito (Jon Huertas) broke off their relationship last month, it became clear, as Castle‘s Tamala Jones puts it, that the “honeymoon phase is over” between the two once-smitten lovers. But there’s hope on the horizon for the pair, she says.

“She’s got a wall up but I think that Esposito is breaking her down at this point, and you’re going to see a little bit of that [this] week,” says Jones. “She’s going to come clean about how she truly feels about him…but I definitely don’t think Laney is done with Esposito.”

And while full reconciliation might be an extended process, Jones says it will all come to a head in a January episode, which is being filmed now, that will center around Ryan’s (Seamus Dever) wedding to Jenny (played by Dever’s real-life wife Juliana Dever). “Oh my God, that is going to be the episode,” she teases. “I mean, Castle episodes are all good but this one, the wedding episode, I think it’s going to be phenomenal.” 

How? Well, Jones says aside from the blessed affair (and all the drama that comes with it), the episode will see “some interesting exchanges going on with everyone in the episode — Castle/Beckett and Lanie/Esposito.”

For one, Lanie will find herself feeling jealous as a few guest stars — which includes Drop Dead Diva alum Jamie Ray Newman, who will play a suspect –“provoke” things between them. “Lanie is very jealous. She tries to act like she’s not, but you’re going to see a lot of that in this episode,” she says.

Suffice to say there will be tough times ahead for the pair, who broke up after the question of marriage caused waves between them. “You’re going to also see some jabs that she will be taking at Esposito all the way leading up to the wedding [episode],” she says. “So you get some entertainment with her going back and forth between her work and having to deal with this issue because they do work together. You’ll get to understand a lot more about Lanie.”

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