By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated November 05, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT
Michael Courtney/The CW

My friend, Adam, and I usually have similar opinions about Supernatural episodes. But in a rare occurrence, the final scene of last night’s episode, which took the brothers to the psychic capital of the United States, had us split. I liked it; he didn’t. Let me explain.

After “breaking up” at the end of last week’s episode, Sam and Dean crossed paths in this episode after, apparently, being apart for ten days. I was so glad we didn’t have to watch anything from those ten days. As we’ve all learned (and, I guess, Supernatural writers have learned, too) the brothers belong side-by-side, even if they spend the whole time giving each other the stink eye.

They met up in Lily Dale, where psychics were biting the dust in mysterious ways. (It turned out to be at the hands of a psycho ghost sister who was being controlled by a jealousy-ridden, creepy pawn shop owner.) The storyline, while fun in its own right, also left Sam and Dean, the masters of secret keeping, to contend with an entire town of people who can see right through BS. Clever!

I’ll admit that the parallels drawn in this episode and the constant mentions by the psychics that the boys seemed to be “fighting” were a bit much, but perhaps that’s what pushed Sam and Dean to finally set their issues out on the table.

Wait! I can’t give credit solely to the psychics. Ellen helped, too. In case you missed the episode (tsk), a psychic told Dean that Ellen was “quite concerned” about him and sent him a message: “She wants to tell you,” he said, “if you don’t tell someone how bad it really is, she’ll kick your ass from beyond. You’ll have to trust someone again eventually.” (Oh, Ellen. Sob.) By the end of the episode, that’s exactly what Dean did. He came clean to Sam that “ever since Cas, I’ve had a hard time trusting anybody” and admitted that he’d been off his game because he hated keeping the Amy secret from Sam. For his part, Sam, who ended up killing the man from the pawn shop, also admitted that he understood why Dean had to kill Amy.

Now, I liked this scene. I thought it was quiet, didn’t involve tears, and yet, was still emotionally charged. My friend, on the other hand, was waiting for something…else. Waiting for a “Heaven and Hell”-level confession that gave both of them a chance to say their piece in a scene that would have fans salivating. I guess I can see his point. This conflict between the brothers has been building since Amy died and Dean began treating booze as a food group, and to see it mend rather quickly at the end of a case-of-the-week episode is somewhat unexpected. But I thought the subtle approach worked for the situation.

So, readers, help settle a score. Did you like the final scene of the episode? Did it fit? Or, do you think the revealing chat between Sam and Dean is only a small step in the forgiveness process — with more to come? (Also, I missed the Impala…a lot. Did you?)

Before you weigh in, here are some Quotables!

Radio: You’re listening to The Morning Chaos with me, Bananas Foster

Dean: The Hell I am, ass-hat

Waiter:…you are a virile manifestation of the divine. [Walks away]

Dean to Sam: What the hell did he say to me?

“He broke my spoon.” — Sam

Pawn shop guy: You’re looking…for something.

Dean: You’re good.

Girl: I need a drink.

Dean: I support that.

“I think it’s reasonable to want to know that you’re off the freaking high-dive, Sam. You almost got us both killed. So you can be pissed all you want, but quit being a bitch.” — Dean

“I feel naked doing this in the daylight.” — Dean, digging a grave in the sun

Geraldo‘d” — Dean

Sam: We gotta find those bones.

Dean: So we gotta find the bonehead.

“Ugh. I can’t believe he was boning her” — Dean

“If you affirmate me, I’m going to punch you in the face.” — Dean

“I can’t wait to get out of this freaking fortune cookie.” — Dean

Dean: You still want to break my face?

Sam: Not at this moment.

“Grading on a curve has gotten me past everything since Kindergarten.” — Dean

Preview for next week. The wedding episode!