Credit: Shareif Ziyadat/ABC

Guard your bird: Lady Gaga may be wearing it come Thanksgiving.

It was announced last night that ABC will air A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, a 90-minute prime-time special on November 24 featuring eight performances by Gaga as well as a sit-down with Katie Couric, all taking place at Gaga’s alma mater, New York’s Sacred Heart Catholic School.

If the promotional photo at left is any indication, Lady Gaga will be going full ice princess for this show. Perhaps they’ll be skating at Rockefeller Center as well?

Unlike the Thanksgiving specials Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have done in the past, Lady Gaga will be cooking up both current hits from Born This Way, as well as classic Christmas tunes, and she apparently “conceived and directed” the entire thing herself.

In an interesting holiday-spirit twist, Gaga will reportedly be performing in front of a small group of friends and family, not a Little Monster-style rave-up. It might be a nice treat to watch reaction shots of people who actually know her; I feel like there’s not a whole lot the public is still curious to know about her at this point, but if she does the interview with her family, it might show a different side to her, and may promote some goodwill.

Speaking of goodwill, with the theme of giving thanks, we can assume Gaga will also be talking up her just-launched charity passion project, the Born This Way Foundation, which she tweeted about earlier this week. “I’m proud to announce: My mommy + I have created “The Born This Way Foundation” A place for Bravery, Love, Acceptance.”

Readers: Tuning in for the glitz, or does football have your post-meal heart?

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