By Kate Ward
Updated November 04, 2011 at 06:25 PM EDT

There are so many reasons not to buy a replica of one of Kim Kardashian’s wedding dresses. First off, why in heaven’s name would you want to be compared to Kim Kardashian? Secondly, and most obviously, the dresses were as horrible as Kate Middleton’s was classy. But, apparently, there’s a third reason to avoid wearing a mass-market version of the Vera Wang dresses, which may still be sold at David’s Bridal: They’re cursed.

Reports are surfacing today that the replicas are too far into production at David’s Bridal to discontinue following Kardashian’s much-discussed divorce from Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. And since even an inanimate object associated with the Kardashians is begging for a headline, word is that the dresses will put a hex on anyone associated with them. But I say: Sign me up for Kardashian’s luck. I might not be able to find my soul-mate, but I can find heaps of cash and a $325 nude black meditating statue by Lalique. Totally necessary, since I will have to put a lot of zen thought into my choice of a wedding dress.

Would you dare to buy a replica of one of Kim Kardashian’s wedding gowns, PopWatchers? And since your answer is no (as it should be), what’s your main reason not to? Curse? Humphries loyalty? Taste loyalty?

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