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Many, many scoops today. So let’s get to it.

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It’s hard to know where to begin talking about one of Glee‘s most anticipated episodes of the year. Thankfully, that’s not my problem, because I took your burning questions to resident Gleek lord Tim Stack, who offered up these monster teases! If you didn’t get a chance to submit any, you’re probably not following me on Twitter! Don’t miss out next time!


The end seems nigh for Kevin (Kal Penn) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) on HIMYM. (Sorry, Kevin/Robin ‘shippers. I’m sure you’re both disappointed.) When EW caught up with Kal Penn at the premiere of A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas this week in Los Angeles, Penn told us that while things are currently going great for the pair, it certainly won’t stay that way. “I would imagine at some point it will not be all smooth sailing for me and Robin. Barney and Robin have long had a chemistry and have a whole backstory and history that probably won’t be able to be ignored forever,” he says. “[Kevin] likes having a gang, but in the long-run, I think it will probably be unsuccessful for most people to really break into the core group of five.”

Neil Patrick Harris echoed the sentiment when talking about Barney’s ongoing romance with Nora, saying, “Barney may question the longevity of his relationship with Nora, but I feel like that’s an inevitability, don’t you?” But how soon? Let me just say, readers, it may be sooner than you think. Seriously.

Meanwhile, I have it on good word that Monday’s episode will feature a death (I am might be talking about an object and not a person), a funny piece of new trivia regarding Marshall and Lily’s baby, and a slap bet twist. And not to get all Criminal Minds on you, but it seems appropriate to close our HIMYM scoop session with this quote from Harris: “I suspect [Robin-Barney fans will] find the second half of season 7 intriguing.”


Earlier this week I spoke with Parenthood EP (and Friday Night Lights‘ godfather) Jason Katims for some scoop on upcoming episodes, but the piece left some of you asking: What about Amber?! Well, never fear. Katims said Amber will not be without plenty to do in the next few episodes, saying her new independent lifestyle will soon become harder than she ever expected. “For Amber, we, as writers, wanted to explore how that first year when you’re on your own is really challenging,” he says. “Some stories are going to be things like how it’s a lot harder to pay the bills. She has a part-time job as a barista, but it’s hard to pay the rent. Amber’s figuring out how to do that.” Also, speaking of employment, as you might have noticed if you read Lynette Rice’s casting scoop carefully, Amber will also find herself with a new job in an episode later this month, working alongside Kristina. “That’s going to take her through the end of the year.”

And for one last bit of scoop, I couldn’t let Katims go without asking about Michael B. Jordan. Now that Alex and Haddie have parted ways, is there a chance we might see him again? Katims is open to the idea, but, he notes, “Mike is working a lot and doing a lot of movies. I would love to have him back on the show. Right now we don’t have a plan for that, but we hope to have him back.”

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I have a Secret Circle question: I know the Adam-Cassie-Jake love triangle is the big deal right now, but what about Cassie-Adam-Diana? If anything happens with Adam, I can’t imagine Diana would be too happy. — Michelle

You’re definitely not the only one with this on your brain, and rest assured, as Adam because more prominent in Cassie’s life, Cassie will not forget this connection. “Now that Adam and Diana are broken up, he seems to be on the market, but at the same time, Cassie doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with Diana,” Britt Robertson tells me. “That’ll be a tough call, and I think it’s something she’ll constantly be battling with because she does have such strong feelings for Adam. At the same time, she values that relationship with Diana so much.”

Jake scoop please!! Any hints on what we can expect from him in the episode before the break? #The Secret Circle — Abby

Per the show’s star, expect “a big Jake reveal”! Says Robertson: “Whether it’s that the whole circle finds out who he is or just one person finds out, [fans will have to see] … but Jake has to ultimately make a decision. Is he going to be a witch hunter and hurt the circle, or is he going to end up joining them and being a part of these new-found friends?”

I love Kevin Hart. Is there any chance for more Andre and Phil scenes? Any other scoop? I LOVED this Wednesday’s episode. Every storyline had me laughing. Thanks. — Reena :-)

As of right now, he is just in one episode. But I’m with you; I could stand to see a LOT more Andre. As I gushed in my recap, the “dude in the tree” and the man with the pooper-scooper are meant to be. Luckily, as an insider points out, “guest stars tend to reappear on this show!”

Hi Sandra! I absolutely love your column and all your tweets. You are smart and witty and I imagine as beautiful as a fairy princess riding a unicorn under a rainbow. If you don’t mind I have a couple of questions for you. With your infinite wisdom, you will know which one will be the best one to answer. [Note: I picked No. 2!] On Parks and Rec, now that Ben and Leslie are no more, will Ben continue his depression in Pawnee? There haven’t been any good Ben/Leslie scenes since the breakup. What will it take to make him stay? — Nicole W.

He won’t be depressed forever. Trust me. In fact, in one episode (which you probably won’t see until after the break) Ben will defend Leslie’s honor at a bowling alley… and get rewarded for it.

Raising Hope! Maybe a little Jimmy/Sabrina update? I absolutely loved this week’s episode but it didn’t have nearly enough of them in it! — Robyn

Oddly enough, I think this is one show where I don’t notice the lack of ‘shippy love every episode, because the hilarity is quite enough for me. But that said, I will never argue with more Jimmy and Sabrina, which Lucas Neff said we can expect this season — in a big way. “I think that this season I can safely say we will answer the ‘will they, won’t they’ question. Or, at least, we will have an answer along the way. Maybe that answer will change,” he teases. “But, speaking as far as my hopes and Jimmy’s hopes, yes, I hope they get together.”

Craig Sjodin

CSI scoop, please! The original, not the spin-offs. — Natalie

CSI will soon get a visit from Marlene Knope! Pamela Reed has just been cast as Mrs. Hoppe, a genealogist and researcher who works with the team to solve a case involving the scandalous murder of her partner.

Will the remainder of this season of Sons of Anarchy bring Gemma and Tig even closer now that Clay has gone off the deep end and Gemma knows it? — Fabiola

Actually, look for Gemma to lean heavily on Unser as s— starts to hit the fan with Clay — and if what we’ve seen in the last few weeks has blown your mind, brace yourself for next week. After Gemma and Clay share their most intense and troubling scene of the series (you will not believe what happens!), Unser will be the person with whom she confides in and shares a bone-chilling prediction. You do not want to miss the final scene they share. It’s the stuff Emmys are made of.

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Sandra, Help calm my fears about Chuck! I was not a huge fan of the premiere but am a huge fan of the show. I want Chuck to have the Intersect back!! — Lola

Executive producer Chris Fedak was coy this week when answering questions about Chuck possibly getting the Intersect back, but I can tell you that tonight’s episode 2 is an improvement — in no small part thanks to Carrie-Anne Moss. But it’s episode 3 that will really make you feel better about the season. Let’s just say the team learns something about Morgan’s intersect that changes Chuck, Sarah, and Casey’s reaction to some less-than-charming behavior you’ll be seeing from Morgan. Also, look for a BIG Jeff twist in episode 3 that will re-define Jeffster possibly for the rest of time… (More Chuck scoop here.)

Craig Sjodin

Blue Bloods has been awesome this season! Why no love, Sandra? — Cristina

Let’s fix that: I’ve been excited about this Friday’s episode ever since I first heard rumblings about it, and I can tell you it doesn’t disappoint. In case you haven’t heard, the episode centers around building racial tensions in the city after Jaime and Sgt. Renzulli are assaulted in a predominantly black church. Frank finds himself having to decide how to proceed with the investigation as the black community calls for his resignation. It’s one of Tom Selleck’s best performances on the show! And the final minutes will plant a big plot seed that I would guess we’re going to hear more about soon.

I still have a smile after this week’s hostage episode of Castle. Such a great episode! What can you tell me about some of the upcoming ones? Thanks! — Cheryl

Come back on Monday. I’ll have wedding episode scoop for you.

Up All Night? — Viv

Yes, I was. Oh, wait… Let’s see, next week, Reagan and Chris will leave Amy in Ava’s care so they can take their first night off (read: they need sex) since the baby was born. Ava spends that time being wooed by guest star Jason Lee, who plays Reagan and Chris’ charming super-dad neighbor. Meanwhile, Reagan and Chris will go “dancing” — and we learn their song!

Southland! I’ll take any scoop you have on this amazing show. – MJ

The show is currently casting a new female P2 tentatively (last) named Anawalt, who will appear in the second episode of the new season, which kicks off in January. I always love new female blood on this show, but there’s no telling how long she’ll be around, considering the episode finds all the officers being given McDonald’s job applications.

It is said that Glee is looking for someone to play to doctor. Any chance that someone is sick or a girl pregnant? — Grace

The patient is Beth, but it’s nothing life-threatening.

Hello Sandra, Quick question about American Horror Story. Is there any possibility Zachary Quinto and his boyfriend will become recurring stars? They were absolutely fantastic in the Halloween episodes. – Me

Do not let me start gushing about this pair! I’ll never, ever stop. I would not mind seeing them a lot more, and, thankfully, you and I won’t have to wait long. Zach and Teddy Sears return in episode 8, which is called “Rubber Man” and is all about the titular figure. You will even learn his identity.

Theory: Constance has an incestuous relationship with Tate. NOT joking! Please tell me I’m not the only one getting that creepy vibe, especially considering how Constance seems to hate Violet so much. — Alice

Eeeewwww. Ehem, I mean, I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you a lot of answers about the pair will be answered in the next two episodes.

Something, anything about epic couple #Chair on #GG! We are dying w/o them onscreen! Please, tell me I still have hope. — @ladynetdoma

I would say there’s always hope, but Ed Westwick, who EW caught up with at the premiere of J. Edgar last night, might (shockingly) disagree. “I don’t even know what I hope for them personally,” he says. “So much change and drama has been thrown around these days. In some ways, they are perfect for each other and it seems like destiny. But in other ways, I don’t know if they can overcome all the terrible things they have done.” But don’t get too down. While he couldn’t tease much, he says, “These storylines are very much keeping me on my toes. It is so crazy. Things change every week … There is a lot of fun, fantastic stuff upcoming, I can say that.”

Eric McCandless/ABC

Okay, Sandra. After tonight’s crazy game-changing fun, it has become absolutely necessary that you provide some scoop on one Mr. Nolan Ross. He’s had me intrigued from the beginning. I love his character and the two different sides we tend to see from him. And you can’t deny us something when we’ve got to wait TWO WHOLE WEEKS for a new episode of Revenge! – LG

Devastating, right?! These are going to be two LOOONNG weeks. Anyhoo, I don’t have much, but according to Connor Paolo (who I chatted with this week), the next episodes will definitely dig into exactly why Nolan and Emily don’t seem happy to see each other at the party seen in the pilot. “As the season progresses more and more, they’ll continually go back to the Labor Day party and catalogue who’s there, what are they doing, what are their relationships. Clearly, Emily and Nolan are frosty to each other, so [you’ll see] what happened between them.”

(Tim Stack, Lynette Rice, Adam B. Vary, Lanford Beard, Carrie Bell, Ben Wood, and Erin Strecker contributed to this column.)

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