By Kyle Anderson
Updated November 04, 2011 at 03:01 PM EDT
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Verbal battles are nothing new in hip-hop and R&B — but this one may have gotten physical.

During an interview with British radio host Tim Westwood, Artist and on-air personality DJ Whoo Kid mentioned offhand that he had witnessed an altercation between Drake and Chris Brown over the former’s relationship with Rihanna.

“Thank God there’s Drake right now,” Whoo Kid said. “He has at least eight records on the radio that’s killing it. Him and Rihanna supposedly fooled around. I think he got elbowed by Chris Brown, too, but that never came out.”

Whoo Kid didn’t mention a time or a place when this incident happened, but when asked for more details, he says he knows exactly where the blow was delivered.

“In the chin, like in the corner. Left part,” he explained to Westwood, who then asked what happened after that. “Man down. Simple as that.”

UPDATE: DJ Whoo Kid tweeted that he and Westwood were joking on the radio, and that “Chris Brown did not knock out Drake!” Brown’s publicist responded to the statement, noting “the Whoo Kid story is completely fabricated and not true.”

You can listen to the audio of the interview below.

Even if Whoo Kid was just joking around (in which case it would be in particularly bad taste considering the characters involved), the bummer is that the idea of Brown elbowing Drake is completely believable, knowing what we know about Brown’s pattern of behavior.

Ever since he was initially arrested for attacking Rihanna during Grammy weekend in 2009, Brown’s anger issues have eclipsed much of what he has done in his (still considerably successful) career since then. Though he had to receive anger management counseling as part of his plea deal, that didn’t stop him from going ham in a dressing room at Good Morning America.

What do you think? Why would Whoo Kid joke about such an incident? Unleash your conspiracy theories in the comments.

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