Kevin Costner made Iowa's baseball diamond in a cornfield iconic 22 years ago, now the spot is moving into the future

Every year, roughly 65,000 tourists make an unlikely pilgrimage to the small rural town of Dyersville, Iowa, in search of the cornfield-ringed baseball diamond from 1989’s hit movie Field of Dreams. Now, after more than 20 years of maintaining the field as a mecca for fans of the Kevin Costner baseball film, the property’s owners, Don and Becky Lansing, have sold it for an undisclosed sum to an Oak Lawn, Ill., couple with their own dreams. Mike and Denise Stillman plan to create an ”All-Star Ballpark Heaven” on the site, including fields for baseball and softball tournaments and a training facility for kids. In a statement, Becky Lansing said that the nonstop stream of visitors to the field ”says a lot about our nation’s love affair with its national pastime.” It also says a lot about the power of movies — and that ghostly premonition whispered into Costner’s character’s ear all those years ago: ”If you build it, they will come.”

Field of Dreams
  • Movie
  • 106 minutes