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In this week’s print issue of EW, we look back eight years to the premiere of Arrested Development on Nov. 2, 2003. The series (returning to the small screen next year in advance of a planned feature film) lasted only three seasons on Fox, but with the way we play our DVDs over and over and roam around the office spouting out random quotes like “I just blue myself,” it might as well have been on the air this whole time. (If only!) I’ve learned over the years to establish complete certainty about which staffers are AD nuts and which aren’t, lest I be considered rude or uncooperative when I coolly tell people during meetings, “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”

In the magazine, we argued why five members of the Bluth-Fünke clan were the best of the bunch. But why limit it to Buster, Michael, Gob, Lucille, and Tobias on the internet, which is even more vast than The OC (don’t call it that), or a big, bad ocean with a loose seal in, or F— Mountain?

Which character was your favorite? Vote below!

And I’m interested to know which Arrested Development lines you use in a daily context. Do you toss out the term “analrapist” to new acquaintances, hoping they’ll just “get it”? Do you own up to your professional falterings by admitting, “I’ve made a huge mistake”? Do you ever whisper to someone you’re about to get busy with, “I want to please you secularly?” (I strongly recommend that one; it’s a huge turn-on.) Let us know in the comments!

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