Credit: Showtime

The Real L Word is getting a third round on Showtime — and expanding to New York City.

Nine new episodes of the lesbian docu-reality show (which the network is describing as “controversial” for some reason) will air in early 2012. While the first two seasons focused on a group of women in Los Angeles, season 3 expands to include characters in New York City with plans to contrast the East Coast vs. West Coast lifestyles of its cast.

“We’re excited and gratified to be picking up the stories of our most beloved season 2 cast members at some truly major and life-altering junctures, and we think it’s time to throw down and invite the women of New York to join in and demonstrate the claims they’ve lobbed at us these past few years… that New York’s women have something more to say about lesbian life, something that isn’t being said by our Los Angeles ladies,” says creator and executive producer Ilene Chaiken. “Bring it on, Brooklyn!”