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It’s been a long couple of months for Burn Notice fans. When we last checked in with our favorite gang of Miami-based spies-for-hire things were looking grim.

Luckily, Bruce Campbell stopped by EW just in time for the series’ return tonight to shed some light on what to expect from the remaining episodes of the season. For starters, it sounds like new baddie Anson isn’t going anywhere soon. “He’s hard to get rid of,” Campbell says. “He’s a little weasel, we don’t like him.” He means the character, of course, since he only has good things to say about actor Jere Burns.

Speaking of actors, Campbell says we’ll see guest roles for Dean Cain and The Dark Knight‘s Eric Roberts and … the possible return of diabolical-yet-presumed-blown-to-tiny-bits Larry? That explosion, he says, is nothing compared to one coming up in the next few episodes that rattled an eight-story building and gave the locals a scare. “We had people freaking out that hadn’t been told that this was going to happen,” he says.

Speaking more long term, Campbell says we’ll probably never see current “lady friend” Ilsa, but Sam Axe’s love life might be more visible in the future. “I’ve encouraged Matt Nix to get some ladies on,” he says. “It’s time to get some female energy back.” Luckily, he has some suggestions for the casting process.

For more on EW’s chat with Bruce, check out the video below:

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