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Sheila Shay’s not going anywhere on Suburgatory: EW has learned exclusively that Ana Gasteyer has joined the ABC comedy as a series regular.

Gasteyer plays the roast-making, cardigan-wearing alpha mom neighbor to George (Jeremy Sisto) and Tessa (Jane Levy). Her deal to stay on the show just closed yesterday. “I screamed and jumped for joy and then went right to the table read,” the actress told EW. “Sheila is a well-intended nightmare. That’s what is incredibly fun about it. She is coming from place of wanting to do it all well. She has a strong sense of propriety and she’s an excellent ally. There are episodes coming up where she’s got good intentions but they are misdirected.”

Such as?

“George get very badly injured, and she gets very involved in his recuperation,” Gasteyer teases.

Gasteyer is still maintaining a full dance card away from the small screen: She has roles in the upcoming films We The Peoples (Lionsgate), I Hate You Dad (Sony), Rapturepalooza (Lionsgate), and Fun Size (Paramount). Meanwhile, she still gets comments about her memorable stint on Curb Your Enthusiasm earlier this year as Larry’s girlfriend, a cheery woman who is in denial about her son’s sexuality. (In case you’ve forgotten, Larry buys the tyke a sewing machine, which the kid adores). “We shot that over a year ago, so it was fun to have this little secret that I was doing an insane episode and it was coming down the pipeline,” recalls Gasteyer, who is forever grateful to Larry David since he was reponsible for her first job in TV — a spot in Seinfeld’s memorable Soup Nazi episode.

“I’m very fortunate,” Gasteyer says. “I’m having the best year.”


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