The Parents Television Council is so mad they could spit!

The PTC is outraged that the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Janet Jackson’s nip-slip during CBS’ coverage of the 2004 Super Bowl does not merit a fine. The half-time performance did, after all, flash a human nipple.

“Today’s ruling reaches the level of judicial stupidity and is a sucker-punch to families everywhere,” said PTC President Tim Winter. “In rendering an opinion it wishes to foist on the nation, the Third Circuit has chosen to ignore the law, the facts, Supreme Court precedent, the intent of the Congress and the will of the American people.”

The PTC helped lead the public protest against the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” that resulted in the Federal Communications Commission hitting CBS with a $550,000 fine. CBS appealed the decision and won, with Judge Marjorie Rendell upholding the court’s finding that the FCC “arbitrarily and capriciously departed from its prior policy excepting fleeting broadcast material” in assessing the fine.

Winter hopes the Supreme Court will take on the case.

“We urge the FCC and our nation’s High Court to include this outrageous Circuit Court opinion in its judicial review of the broadcast decency law,” Winter said. “…The event became the biggest news story for weeks, even during a time of war. How can nudity and a striptease in front of 90 million unsuspecting TV viewers not qualify as indecency? … In the Court’s eye, what exactly could be more shocking or more deserving of a broadcast indecency charge?”