The rousing, Rocky-esque mixed martial arts drama, Warrior, will be available on DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack on Dec. 20, loaded with extras that EW can reveal exclusively. The PG-13-rated fight flick about a pair of blue-collar brothers (Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton) who square off in the ring, opened in theaters in September. The Blu-ray includes a commentary from director Gavin O’Connor (Miracle), writer Anthony Tambakis, and Edgerton, as well as several making-of documentaries, a “cheap shots” gag reel, deleted scenes, and another commentary with costar Nick Nolte. Check out the extras and the exclusive new trailer below…


Audio commentary with Director Gavin O’Connor, writer Anthony Tambakis and actor Joel Edgerton

“Redemption: Bringing Warrior To Life” Documentary

“Philosophy In Combat: Mixed Martial Arts Strategy”

Simply Believe: A Tribute to Charles “Mask” Lewis, Jr.

Cheap Shots: Gag Reel

Brother vs. Brother: Anatomy Of The Fight

The Diner: Deleted Scene with Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte (with optional commentary)

Full Contact: Blu-ray Enhanced Viewing Mode — An in-depth original and personal look at the film with the cast and crew (BLU-RAY EXCLUSIVE FEATURE)

Select Scene On Camera Commentary : With Filmmakers and Nick Nolte (DVD EXCLUSIVE FEATURE)

The film will also be available On Demand and as a digital download.

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