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Updated October 31, 2011 at 08:37 PM EDT

In the upcoming action comedy Tower Heist, Alan Alda plays a corrupt Wall Street investor who is placed under house arrest after swindling people out of billions of dollars. But if you’ve seen the trailer for the flick or visited today, you’d argue immediately that staying in those digs hardly qualifies as any sort of punishment. (Of course, Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and their band of fellow vengeance-seekers are scheming to serve him with their own special brand of justice. I’m assuming they let the Occupy Wall Street kids have at him, but I’ll just have to wait until Nov. 4 to find out.)

While the luxury penthouse apartment that Alda’s evil character resides in doesn’t actually exist along the picturesque Central Park (AD revealed the jaw-dropping abode was actually constructed on a sound stage in Brooklyn), the apartment is still some seriously enviable real estate. The setting for the heist comedy was inspired by an apartment on the top floor of New York City’s Trump Tower International Hotel & Tower. Production designer Kristi Zea told AD the place was “was half a floor and had a staggering 180-degree view of Manhattan.”

So will the Tower Heist apartment, which has a vintage car (see directly above) and a rooftop swimming pool, become the most enviable New York City apartment ever on film? (Granted, if you’re a New Yorker, most fictitious apartments, with the exception of the one in, say, Taxi Driver, are pretty enviable.) While this one does look pretty amazing (it’s only slightly nicer than the shoebox apartment I currently reside in) my whole New York life I’ve dreamed about having Tom Hanks’ apartment in Big. Not only was it an incredibly spacious and beautiful downtown loft, but it had a Pepsi machine and a trampoline and you only needed a job at a toy company to afford it. However, a close second for me would have to be Christian Slater’s slightly more modest apartment in the romantic drama Bed of Roses, if only for the kick-ass roof access to a sprawling urban garden.

Still, there’s so many unbelievable, though arguably not-quite-believable (Monica and Rachel’s picture-perfect West Village apartment on Friends should have had roughly 14 roommates living there to make it even semi-affordable) New York City dwellings in pop culture. From the opulent lair inhabited by Meryl Streep’s Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada to the cozier, but still unquestionably pricey, place Meg Ryan’s Kathleen lived in in You’ve Got Mail, there have been apartments setting unreasonable standards and NYC dreams for years on film.

But, what’s your all-time favorite New York City apartment in pop culture, PopWatchers? Have you always dreamed of living a massive Manhattan loft like the one from Ghost? Something more classic like Holly Golightly’s home in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Or would you feel comfortable in something more modest like Jerry’s apartment on Seinfeld? (If so, you’re in luck, it’s never locked!) Share in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: Julia Lucas/Universal Pictures

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