After Friday’s good news/bad news season premieres for Grimm and Chuck against high-flying Game 7 of the World Series on Friday, NBC is going to re-air both episodes to give viewers another chance to check them out.

The first episode of Grimm and the final season premiere of Chuck will both repeat on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Meanwhile, NBC has taken an unusual step to promote Grimm, which really pleasantly surprised in the ratings on Friday night.


NBC has promos using random viewer Tweets instead of critic blurbs. For instance, this one noticed by EW’s Dalton Ross touts Grimm‘s “Perfect blend of suspense, comedy & horror.” And that’s from no less of an authority than @ilovelacewigs, a viewer seemingly with a business selling wigs and hair extensions.

Hey, it’s the fans that ultimately count. So why not tout their praise? The only thing that makes this a little suspect is that most viewers will see this and probably not read the fine print. And those who do realize this was a random fan and not a critic, does it suggest to them that critics therefore did not like Grimm?

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