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October 29, 2011 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s been a long time since the first few minutes of a Supernatural episode left me as horrified as I was last night. Going into the episode, we knew that Dean and Sam would be going up against their Leviathan doppelgangers, but even with that in the back of my mind, my stomach fell just a little at the sight of Dean and Sam executing a room of people at the bank in the episode teaser. Even if it wasn’t human Sam and Dean committing the act, that was awfully brutal, I thought.

The episode continued in a similarly unnerving way, and at one point — probably sometime after we saw Dean and Sam shoot up a diner of people — I wondered if the show had laid on the crazy a little too thick. And for me to say that about a show like Supernatural, which has pushed the envelope when it comes to all things disturbing, that’s saying a lot. 

Luckily, this is Supernatural. Before things get too Ted Bundy, they dialed it down — had Dean sing a little Air Supply (Best. Scene. Ever.), and, in this case, added a little puppy love to the mix. Yup, Bobby Singer found himself bonding with Sheriff Mills, who you’ll recall made her grand return in episode two, when she was saved from the brain-eating doctors at Sioux Falls General.

Now, I don’t want to spend too much time gushing because I’m not sure if this will lead to anything in the future, but I will say that it was incredibly refreshing to see Bobby experience some simple, pleasant times with Sheriff Mills. (I wonder how long it had been since he sat and shared a sandwich with someone.) If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing a lot more her in this semi-romantic capacity. And what’s great is that she also proved to be an asset to the team (She accidentally discovered how to kill Leviathan!), and, as we’ve all said a few times before, a little female blood isn’t such a bad thing. Sadly, they didn’t seem to be headed for anything serious. But I’ll go on the record now with a comment I made to my viewing buddy shortly after Bobby kissed Mills in a fit of excitement, “Oh, my God, I’m a ‘shipper!”

In all, I think this week’s episode was my favorite type of case fic — because Dean and Sam were the case, which made room for Bobby to play hero in a nice subtle way. It also advanced the mythology (Leviathan can die!) without overwhelming us with new facts or questions, provided a cool twist (Crowley!), and then there’s the emotional component. Sam found out via Leviathan Dean that real Dean killed Amy. This led to the inevitable bro blow-up, which ended with Sam walking away from the car angrily. Now, [mini spoiler] if you saw the preview, you know that they’re working together next week. So I’m glad that they’re not going to split apart again or attempt a separation period. (We all know the effect that has on episode, and I wouldn’t want to see that happen to this season.) At the risk of sounding overly complimentary, there hasn’t been a single episode that has let me down. Sure, I have gripes — we all do — but they’re minor in what’s been a so-far solid season. Now, let’s all knock on wood.

Okay, PopWatchers, what did you think of the episode? WAIT! Before you weigh in, enjoy some QUOTABLES:

“Great. Just what we need — a MENSA Monster.” — Bobby

Bobby: These things are smarter than you!

Sam: Geez, Bobby, don’t sugarcoat it.

“If you’re going to be stupid, you might as well be smart about it.” — Bobby

Sam: The usual?

Dean: Rhymes with sing-songs.

“Well, I’ll be damned. Psych Butch and Sundance.” — Frank

Dean: Bobby Singer sent us.

[Frank cocks gun]

Dean: …OR not. Who?

“Is he always this stupid?” — Frank

“Let’s blue steel you up some new I.D.s'” — Frank

Bobby: What the hell are you doing here?

Mills: You’re all charm, Bobby.

Bobby: So my therapist keeps telling me.

Dean: You know, it’s bad enough that they’re ganking people using our mugs, but now this? Us driving around in this kaboodle while baby’s on lockdown?

Sam: It’s temporary, Dean.

Dean: Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Sam: You know that’s a line from…

Dean: a Swayze movie. Swayze always gets a pass.

“You know he has one of these every day? And in his heart, he thinks they’re almost as good as sex. This is disgusting.” — Leviathan Dean eating a cheeseburger

Leviathan Sam: I had a brother with this many issues once. You know what I did?

Leviathan Dean: Hmm?

LS: I ate him.

LD: Of course you did.

LS: Wanna trade? I mean, I’ll take Chuckles over schizo.

LD: Nah. I like this one’s hair better. You can stay in the big one.

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