By James Hibberd
Updated October 28, 2011 at 05:18 AM EDT
Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

You know that scene in The Perfect Storm when the meteorologist is looking at his monitor showing all the patterns coming together and is awestruck how the storm systems are combining just right to cause a giant wave to drown George Clooney?

NBC is George Clooney.

Rain postponed Game 6 of the World Series to Thursday night, and now the Cardinals just beat the Rangers and have forced a Game 7 — on Friday night. That means Fox will bump Fringe (and, hey, how about a little love for poor Kitchen Nightmares too? … No?). More crucially, in this case, it means the final season premiere of Chuck and — very most crucially for NBC — the series debut of new supernatural drama Grimm, are scheduled to air up against the deciding game of the World Series.

This comes a couple weeks after NBC decided to push back the premieres of Chuck and Grimm one week … right, as it now turns out, into the eye of the hurricane.

NBC isn’t doing so hot this fall, as you may have heard. And it’s just this sort of cosmic pile-on that gives TV executives a crisis of faith.

We just checked a few minutes ago and NBC is still planning on going through with the schedule. We’ll let you know if that changes (it’s very messy to move two premieres at the last minute — there’s been press and ads all week promoting the dates). Keyword: Grimm.

Tweeted Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz: “So what’s everyone doing tonight… like say around 8pm?”