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Go Rangers!

Just kidding. Last night was actually the most baseball I’ve watched since the last time I watched a repeat of A League of Their Own on TBS, so don’t take that declaration too seriously. I don’t care who wins — either way, we don’t get Fringe tonight. Pfft.

That said, I have some scoop today that will hopefully satisfy your need for one more week — or make the delay even more painful. I can’t decide which is more truthful, but let’s try to see the sunny side of things.

In other news, enjoy spoils and teases from a ton of other shows below! If you don’t see a show you like, send me an e-mail with your request: (I read and appreciate them all!) Twitter also works: @EWSandraG. I also try to comb comments, but I sometimes miss those. To make sure they reach my eyes, use the two previously mentioned methods. Don’t be shy!

See y’all next week!


As great as last night’s Game 6 was, it was hard to ignore the collective sigh among Fringe fans on news that Game 7 would result in a one-week delay of the new Fringe episode. And I’m right there with you — that sucks. Luckily, before I even knew the outcome of the game, I’d planned a healthy serving of dish for you.

So, what would you have seen tonight?

For one, the reunion between Peter and the rest is well worth the wait — especially if you’ve been hoping for some great scenes between Peter and Walter. (The last scene between them is particularly gut-wrenching and features a big decision from Walter.) Meanwhile, Lincoln Lee plays a surprising role in Peter’s re-integration into the action as the team struggles to learn more about the shifters — a subject they are shocked to learn that Peter knows a lot about. Last, we learn of a cool connection between Nina Sharp and one of the other members of the team in the Peter-less universe. It’s only a brief mention, but neat nonetheless.

In sum, lots of heartbreak, lots of intrigue, more questions, some answers, and a heck of an episode. To quote Peter from the ep, “just like old times… sort of.”


Yes, I got a peak at the next two episodes of The Walking Dead, which is on an undeniable roll this season. So, ever the public servant, I asked for your burning questions. (If you missed the call for questions, you’re probably not following me on Twitter. Remedy that.) Here’s the result!

In the next two episodes, will we finally see Andrea transform from mourner to take-charge protector? They keep saying it will happen but they aren’t even letting her keep her own gun. — @Tigereye77a

Valid point. I’ve been waiting, too. Nothing too major changes on this front in the next two, though, except Andrea will take a small step toward the badassdom you and I are waiting for. (Someone finally sits her down and gives her a short lesson!) Ultimately, I think Robert Kirkman was playing coy for a reason when EW’s resident zombie expert, Clark Collis, asked him a week ago if he planned to follow the comic book, which had Andrea eventually becoming a sharpshooter. They’re likely just taking it very slow.

Will there be any significant movement on the Rick-Lori-Shane front in the next two episodes? — Dem

Your question made me smile, Dem, because I think episode 4 is going to blow your mind. I look forward to hearing your reaction to the game-changing development.

Last episode had a MAJOR lack of zombie. Just sayin’. I feel like we didn’t see one until three-fourths of the way through the episode. Please tell me there’s some action in this episode, or I’m going to start getting a little zombie violent over here. — Eric

Um, play nice, friend. But as you’ll recall, in the last scene you saw on Sunday, Shane and Otis (chubby guy/shot Carl) were surrounded by zombies in the high school. And their quest to escape is zombie-rific. I guarantee. But be warned: Their escape is definitely not as straightforward as I just made it sound. Dark twist ahead.


My love for Suburgatory is growing with each passing week and after hearing about the fun in next week’s all-new episode from the lovely Jane Levy, who stopped by the EW studio earlier this week, there’s no more containing it.

So what’s going on in the ep? For one, upon hearing Tessa express her newfound concerns that people in the ‘burbs are wasteful, Mr. Wolf calls the students to action and an unlikely leader emerges: Dalia… who sort of misses the point. “She says, ‘Guys, I saw the worst thing ever. In Florida, their skin is, like, so bad,'” Levy teases, mocking Dalia’s signature ditzy tone. “And everyone gets riled up and decides to send them Clarisonic Face Brushes. They get super passionate about Floridian skin.” Priorities, people! Priorities!

Levy says creator Emily Kapnek’s ability to come up with hilarious, out-of-this-universe plotlines is what make the show a joy to take part in — and watch. “When I read scripts, I’m, like, ‘Who… where does this come from?!’ It’s great.”


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Sandra, I love Once Upon a Time as much as you do. Scoop, please! – A.J

Well, first make sure you’ve read my scoop from the set. Check? Okay. Now, having just watched the “prequel” episode I told you about in that piece — the one that tells the story of when Snow met Charming — I can tell you that the ep is packed with mythology from both worlds. (Example: You learn who found John Doe!) For me, the highlight was getting a glimpse of the super-sassy Snow from back in the day and seeing her fight with Charming about his jewels. (I mean literal gemstones, you pervs.) She’s hilarious, and it’s one of Ginnifer Goodwin’s finest hours on TV. (Yes, I’m including Big Love.) Also cool? The Once interpretation of trolls!

Vampire Diaries: Is the ounce of humanity that we saw in Stefan in the last episode a sign of hope? And if so, will we get him back soon? – Savanna

You mean you aren’t having as much fun as Mandi Bierly and I am! We had a spirited discussion about this while filming a top secret video, and we agree that bad Stefan has been good in all the right ways. That said, remember that Nov. 10 is the last new episode of Vampire Diaries in 2011. Rest assured, it will be a big one — especially for Stefan fans.

Sandra, Do you have anything on Chuck and Blair, there is so much chaotic stuff going on in filming and with already basically no interaction on the show, I just want to know if I should keep watching. – Kris

Kris, you should always keep watching — especially this season, which, even with the push and pull of Chuck and Blair, has been great drama. (You gotta admit, they’ve got you dyyyiing.) Anyway, I posed a similar question to Josh Safran when I asked about Chuck’s journey sans Blair this season and where his story was headed. “Chuck’s story continues the way that it started. I don’t want to give too much away about it but I do believe it’s been plotted out very specifically. And I think that, as I said in the past, the things that are about to happen to Chuck are the only logical next step in his evolution,” he said. “It continues this way. Monkey was just the beginning.” Of course, if it’s so logical, why are we all stumped?!

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Why did you guys stop recapping The Secret Circle. I LOVED both the recaps themselves and the snark that went it! Any spoiler you might have for that show would likewise be much appreciated. :) Thanks!! — Kriselda

Re: Recaps in general = So many shows, so little time. But I do have scoop! Before the midseason break, we will see Cassie and Jake launch a search for more info into her past in hopes of finding out more about her powers. Also, American Dreams alum Arlen Escarpeta will make his debut as Melissa’s cousin, Holden — and Diana is particularly interested in his arrival!

When will Tony and Ziva finally be together? We wait for years now — @betterDAYS__

Well, I can’t say they get any closer in next week’s episode, but I can tell you that there are some pretty amazing moments in the Nov. 1 episode, titled “Devil’s Triangle” — not the least of which involve Tony complaining about his thinning hair and Ziva mocking him. These two are pure gold.

American Horror Story is the best new show this year. Anything juicy to report on part 2 of the Halloween ep? – Mireille

Part 2 will, as Ryan Murphy teased to EW’s Tim Stack, teach us more about the high-school shooting and address whether it was a fantasy or real. And how will they do that? Ghosts, of course! But Tate’s reaction to all of this could leave you more baffled than ever. Well, I should say it left me baffled. If you’re not confused, send me an email after you watch the next episode and explain it to this simple-minded muppet. Regardless, the hour was another solid episode of the series, which is quickly turning into one of my faves. Bonus dish: Next week, an unlikely character is going to start getting sucked into the mystery of the house!

Burn Notice, please! I was hearing not-so glowing reviews about the next new episode. Tat’s so disappointing! Make me feel better? — Micaela

I honestly think it depends on which side of the fence you fall. Fiona and Michael fans will have plenty of supportive boyfriend/girlfriend moments, including one where Fi tells Michael she wants to turn herself in to police. (Of course, Michael won’t hear any of that talk.) I thought it was sweet. My colleague who also checked out the episode? He thought it was a sappy mess. I think someone needs to get in touch with his feelings. Watch and tell me who’s right.

Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Who’s getting the ax on this week’s Dexter? Inquiring minds are dying to know. — Ariel

I can tell you it’s someone who was new to the cast this season — and it’s not under the blade of an ax. (And you might have one piece of your info technically incorrect.) Not enough? Let me narrow it down a bit more. For now, I can tell you Harrison’s new babysitter stays out of death’s crosshairs, but too bad she finds herself on the receiving end of Deb’s wrath during a screaming match! Personally, I’d rather tango with death than Deb’s temper.

Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! — Sharon

Wait… as in Bass, Bartowski or E. Cheese? I’ll go with Bartowski since he could be having a tough time tonight — and I’m not talking about his lack of Intersect. But on that note, things won’t get any easier on that front either. By episode 2, Chuck and Co. are still having a tough time teaching Morgan all there is to learn about the great power he now possesses, and Morgan takes the criticism to heart. And after Chuck and his buddy botch an attempted heroic moment, let’s just say discussions are had. Meanwhile, over at the Buy More, an unlikely commercial star emerges: Captain Awesome! Ed. Note: You must watch this!

What’s going on with Annie and Auggie on Covert Affairs? Are we ever going to see them getting together? — Alexis

The slow walk continues when the series returns Nov. 1, but while there are a few sweet moments between the two, they mostly revolve around Auggie helping Annie navigate life after a series of setbacks. In other words: business as usual. But what’s new? Annie finds herself having a sleepover at a chef’s apartment — but that’s before she learns of his shady past!

I was so glad to hear Person of Interest is going to be getting a full season. Celebrate with a spoiler? — Tyler

Here’s my version of confetti: A Veronica Mars-related scooplet. Creator Jonathan Nolan tells me Papa Mars (Enrico Colantoni) is going to pop up in episode 7 as the week’s Person of Interest!

Sandra, why no love for Homeland? Let’s remedy that! — Ana

Sunday’s uber-intense new episode, which centers around Brody confronting the lone surviving insurgent that held him, will lead to a blow-up between Saul and Carrie. And on a less crucial note, Morena Baccarin’s Jessica will also debut a new, shorter ‘do. (Thank God! I was not feeling the slightly longer locks.)

If you’ve made it to page three, you love spoilers. So take this poll, because I’m curious. Thanks, y’all!

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