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With EW’s Comedy Issue now on stands, wants you to help name the funniest recurring Saturday Night Live sketch of all-time. See our nominations, then vote in the poll at the end.

Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood: Eddie Murphy’s classic take on PBS’ Mister Rogers Neighborhood

Brian Fellow’s Safari Planet: Tracy Morgan is Brian Fellow, not an accredited zoologist.

Land Shark: Simple. And hilarious.

Matt Foley: The motivational speaker (Chris Farley) who lives in a van, down by the river

The Barry Gibb Talk Show: Does Justin Timberlake, as Robin Gibb, have anything to say to his brother Barry (Jimmy Fallon)? No, no he doesn’t.

Church Chat: Dana Carvey is The Church Lady. Isn’t that special?

Coffee Talk: Mike Myers is verklempt as Linda Richman. Talk amongst yourselves.

The Nerds: Bill Murray as noogie-giving Todd DiLaMuca and Gilda Radner as flatchested Lisa Loopner

Celebrity Jeopardy!: As Alex Trebek, Will Ferrell hosts a variety of celebrity impersonators

Wayne’s World: Party on, Mike Myers. Party on, Dana Carvey.

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer: He used to be a caveman, but now he’s a lawyer (played by Phil Hartman).

The Festrunk Brothers: Steve Martin and Dan Akyroyd are two wild and crazy guys, with Czech accents and major heavage.

Bill Swerkski’s Super Fans: They talk Da Bears, Da Bulls, and Da Heart Attacks.

Debbie Downer: Rachel Dratch is a ray of sunshine. (Sad trombone. Close-up.)

Inside the Actors Studio: Without even opening his mouth, Will Ferrell became James Lipton.

Sprockets: Mike Myers as black-turtlenecked German talk-show host Dieter

The Lawrence Welk Show: Otherwise known as Kristen Wiig has the tiny hands and big forehead.

The Delicious Dish: Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon are NPR foodies, who do enjoy culinary delights, most famously Schweddy Balls.

Ed Grimley: Yes, Martin Short introduced him on SCTV, but the man obsessed with Pat Sajak, the triangle, and apparently hair gel made his way to SNL, too.

The Continental: Allow Christopher Walken to seduce you. Or not.

Gap Girls: Adam Sandler in drag — not a new concept.

Song Memories: How could we not find a sample online?! Guy friends share surprisingly horrible memories while singing a favorite song. Check out some transcripts here.

Defend your pick, or your own nomination, below!

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