Reviews of the latest songs from Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown, The Fray, and more

By EW Staff
Updated October 28, 2011 at 04:00 AM EDT

Pitbull Feat. Chris Brown, ”International Love”
Parlez-vous Pitbull? The global ambassador of butt shaking and air horns wants you to know he’s got some hot new stamps on his party passport. But don’t worry, kids: You probably won’t have to go farther than the parquet dance floor of an extra-bangin’ bar mitzvah to find him. B+Leah Greenblatt

The Fray, ”Heartbeat”
The soaring ooohs and cascading guitars on the lead single off the lovesick Denver rockers’ upcoming Scars and Stories are agreeably rousing, but they make it all feel a little too Coldplay-via-Colorado. B-Grady Smith

Taio Cruz Feat. Flo Rida, ” Hangover”
The U.K.-bred Top 40 Romeo drops a dose of lyrical Alka-Seltzer, then throws down a crazy-good party-starter beat (courtesy of Dr. Luke) to get the drinks flowing again. A-Adam Markovitz

The Roots Feat. Big K.R.I.T., ”Make My”
The bottom is a basic round-the-way jazzbo bustle, but on top, Roots frontman Black Thought and guest Big K.R.I.T. toss around backdoor jaw-jackers like ”In a world of night terrors, it’s hard to dream” with shruggy hip-hop brilliance. B+Kyle Anderson

JoJo, ”Disaster”
The 20-year-old teen-pop refugee hasn’t had an album since 2006 — not for lack of confidence, judging by the big-throated vocals on this bland but likable comeback ballad about ”no happy ever after.” BAM

The Ting-Tings, ”Hang It Up”
The British duo finally emerge from whatever foxhole they’ve been hiding in since their 2008 breakout We Started Nothing, firing off this cannonball of spiky id-rock stomp — the most excellently raucous boy-girl noise (hey, cowbell!) two scrappy kids have conjured up since the White Stripes called it quits. A-LG

The Cranberries, ”Show Me the Way”
On their first fresh outing in a decade, the beloved Irish warblers of the ’90s Alt Nation bring a cello-wrapped, slightly-too-languid hunk of drama that still lets frontwoman Dolores O’Riordan work her earth-mother vocal mojo. BKA