Charlie Sheen
Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Yesterday asked why FX would take such a big gamble on Charlie Sheen and potentially order 100 episodes (!) of his new sitcom Anger Management? While there’s no cut-and-dry answer, there is the theory that the network could turn a big risk into an even bigger success. After all, Sheen, for all his troubles, is a ratings machine (Two and a Half Men, his Comedy Central Roast) who still gets attention for his personal life.

There’s still some other looming questions for FX, though. Has Sheen changed for good? Will he return to his old “tiger blood” ways? Or will the fact that he’s once again working with producer Joe Roth on the project give them less reason to worry about how he’ll approach his work? There’s only going to be one way to find out.

But we have another pressing question about the Sheen news. Only this time it’s for you, the readers. Will you actually watch Anger Management, a show based loosely on the 2003 Adam Sandler comedy of the same name? Are you just as invested in Sheen now and how he handles himself on and off-screen as you were when he was “winning”? Or has Sheen lost his sheen? Does the show — about a man trying to get control of his life and his anger — sound like a good vehicle for the star or is it all a little too self-fulfilling for you in the midst of Sheen’s attempt to change his image? Take our poll below and sound off in the comments section below, PopWatchers.

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