“My bustier’s too tight!” Snooki and the gang may have Guido Problems, Madonna has well… Madonna Problems. And one problem currently plaguing Ms. Ciccone is her search for a new face for Material Girl, the fashion line she launched last year with her daughter, Lourdes Leon. The duo has put out a promo video for their “Be Our Next ‘Lucky Star'” campaign where they brainstorm how to find a spokesmodel. Madonna even throws in a few self-deprecating bites along the way: “People think I’m a superficial person,” Madonna mourns. “I’m not. I love horses… I love flowers– I don’t love hydrangeas,” she said, in a nod to FlowerGate 2011. See the trials and tribulations of life as Mo & Lo after the jump.

What do you think PopWatchers? What was your favorite part? Mine was this exchange:

Lourdes: Totes magotes… people say that now.

Madonna: Whatevs.

Lourdes: People don’t say that anymore.

Kudos to the girl who can put Her Madgesty in her place, amirite? Did you appreciate Madonna’s ability to poke fun at herself? Have you checked out Material Girl? Do you like the ladies’ style? Are you tempted to apply to be the “womangirlfemalechild” they seek?

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